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Samara’s appeal was started by a lady called Samara who was shocked to see reports of Syrian refugee children in the snow wearing summer clothes and flip-flops. They did this because it was summer when they fled their homes and that was what they were wearing at the time.

Samara came up with the idea to send trucks full of 2nd hand clothes to these children. With the hope that they wouldn’t have to suffer  in the snow, with nothing but shorts and a t-shirt on.


A part of her appeal is a knitting appeal. She would like you, your friends and knitting circles to make warm blankets and clothes to send out to the middle east, where there are heavy snows and bitter winters.

Thousands of displaced people and refugees die in camps and informal settlements during winter simply because there isn’t enough humanitarian aid to keep them warm  This is an ongoing appeal, and your contributions will be saving lives this winter.  Items include:

  • Hospital blankets: made from cotton blends (not woollen yarns or double knit).  These blankets must be suitable for use in hot Middle Eastern Summers.
  • Blankets for adults, new mothers and the elderly (these can be wool)
  • Baby clothes including hats/bonnets, mittens, socks, cardigans
  • Children’s clothes including jumpers, cardigans, mittens, scarves, hats, socks
  • Adult clothes including hats, scarves, jumpers, cardigans, shawls, socks


We wanted to share this story with you because Samara’s story is so inspiring and we think what she is doing is amazing. You can read Samara’s inspiring story here.

If you would like to take part follow the link to the website here. You can also download and print some labels to personalise your knitted relief items. The labels say in Arabic “handmade for you with love“.

You can also download a poster, to spread the word of the knitting appeal here.

We would like to thank you in advance for anything you can donate. Please share this appeal on Facebook and help us spread the word.



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