Russian Doll Decoration Pattern

We can’t stop loving this little Russian Doll decoration by Kirsty Neale. The clever use of scrap fabrics and felt mean that these little babushkas can be made without breaking the bank.


Russian Doll decoration

You Will Need:



1. Cut out pattern pieces, as noted on the Russian doll decoration template. Position face and hair over each body section, and tack (baste) around the edges. Mark then stitch eyes, nose and mouth, using a single strand of grey (DMC 413) and red (DMC 304).

2. Place the cape on top and sew together with running stitch around the edge of the face and the curved bottom

3. Place the doll front on top of the doll back, right sides facing. Cut a ribbon length of and fold it in half for a hanging loop. Sandwich the ribbon ends in between the front and back at the top of the head.

4. Sew a running stitch around the outside edges to join the front and back together. Stop sewing 2–3cm before you reach your start point but don’t cut off your thread just yet.

5. Feed a small amount of toy filling through the gap. Use a pencil or knitting needle to push it right up into the head, and down into the bottom corners. Don’t be tempted to over-stuff! Continue to stitch the gap closed, then knot and trim excess thread.

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