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Rugged Knits coverRugged Knits is the new book from Andrea Rangel. It’s features a collection of 24 functional, lovely, and interesting knitting patterns for men and women.

Side-by-side with hearty wool sweaters and sock patterns are more unexpectedly delicate-looking pieces, such as a warm, resilient shawl with lace trim and a cozy cowl with gentle drape. Those who love cables will rejoice in the gorgeously-shaped turtleneck and bright, eye-catching mitts. Fans of colourwork will enjoy both stranded knitting and intarsia pieces, while those who want to keep it simple will delight in textured, knit-and-purl designs.

Let’s take a look at what’s inside then shall we?

Rugged Knits

The projects in Rugged Knits are all very wearable and stylish. Knitted socks are a big trend right now, they are also quick and easy to make, which makes them an ideal project for a beginner. The jumper (top middle) is gorgeous, it wouldn’t look out of place in a shop such as White Stuff. The same can be said for the male version, it is the kind of jumper a man will actually want to wear! There are a variety of shawls in the book also. There is one for every occasion such as the casual orange shawl (bottom left), or something a bit dressier like the blue one (bottom right). Of course, if you felt brave enough to, you could change the colours you use or the type of yarn to give the garment a different feel.

Knitters love stitching pieces that become mainstays: garments and accessories to wear year after year. They are steadfast companions in your daily adventures: walking the dog, working outdoors, or simply tucking in for a cozy night at home. Pieces in Rugged Knits will remain perennial favourites; long after the knitting is done, the knitter will still be wearing each one and that’s reason we love this book.

You can pre-order Rugged Knits on our website now and you will receive the eBook for free.



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