Ribbon Memory Board Project

This memory board project by Linda Clements is perfect to display photos, greetings cards, party invitations, notes and more. The size can be increased by starting with larger squares.

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1. Cut 16 10.2cm (4in) squares from plain fabric and nine from print fabric. Arrange alternately, with one square in the first row, three in the second row, then five, seven, five, three and one.

2. Sew the squares in each row together using 6mm (¼in) seams and press. Sew the rows to each other and press. Trim off the triangles to make the patchwork square but don’t cut up to the points – leave 6mm (¼in).

3. Cut two fabric strips 5cm x 38cm (2in x 15in) and two 5cm x 46cm (2in x 18in). Sew the shorter strips to the sides and longer strips to top and bottom. Press seams.

4. Pin the wadding on the back and quilt using the piglet template. Cut strips of ribbon to go across the diagonal lines of the patchwork and overlap to the back. Pin in place, keeping the ribbon taut, and sew through at the intersections. Press and sew buttons at the intersections.

5. Put the patchwork on the corkboard and use a hot glue gun to glue in place at the back, keeping the work straight. Glue ric rac around the edge. Glue a ribbon hanging loop at the back and a sheet of card over the back to finish neatly.

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