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Quilt Giving SprinkleWe have a free project for you from the Quilt Giving, the new book from Deborah Fisher. This free quilt pattern, Sprinkle, has a beautiful hourglass pattern that is easy to create. Creating a quilt is always a gift, in finding the time to enjoy your hobby, and in giving away your finished piece. In the pages of Quilt Giving, you’ll find nineteen quilts that make perfect presents for yourself or someone else.

Sprinkle is perfect for using scraps of wonderful fabrics and also for trying out some new color possibilities in the negative space. White or gray may be safe go-to colors for the background, but a tiny bit of a colour will add depth. Here, the salmon pink shot cotton background enriches the entire quilt while highlighting the print scraps.

The design is simple, using only corner triangles for detail. Sewn together, the triangles create hourglass shapes. The use of both full and half-size rectangular blocks creates the brick repeat pattern. The key to matching the points at the center of each hourglass is pressing the seams. On one side of the hourglass, press the seam toward the corner triangles. On the other side, press the seam away from the corner triangle.

The seams will interlock when you sew the short ends of the rectangles together to make the rows.

48″ × 66″ (122 × 168 cm)


  •  3 yd (2.75 m) solid salmon background fabric (A)
  •  3?4 yd (68.5 cm) print fabric
    (B) or 72 fabric scraps, each measuring at least 31?2″ × 31?2″ (9 × 9 cm)
  •  31?4 yd (3 m) backing fabric
  •  1?2 yd (45.5 cm) binding fabric
  •  56″ × 74″ (142 × 188 cm) batting


  • Basic Sewing Kit

Quilt Giving Cut Your Fabric


Note: All seam allowances are 1?4″ (6 mm).

1 Make sixteen full blocks. With right sides facing, sew a fabric B square as a corner triangle (page 7) onto each corner of the 61?2″ × 241?2″ (16.5 × 62 cm) fabric A rectangles (figure 1).

2 Make twelve half blocks. With right sides facing, sew a fabric B square as a corner triangle onto two corners of each 61?2″ × 121?2″ (16.5 × 31.5 cm) fabric A rectangle. Make sure the two corners are on the same short end of the rectangle (figure 2).




3 Make six A rows. With right sides facing, sew one half block to each end of one full block, matching the short ends with the corner triangles (figure 3).

4 Make five B rows. With right sides facing, sew two full blocks together, matching the short ends with the corner triangles (figure 4).

5 Assemble the quilt top by sewing the rows together in order. With right sides facing, alternate A and B rows, beginning and ending with an A row as shown in the Sprinkle Assembly Diagram.


6 Square the quilt top, then pin it to the backing and the batting. Quilt as desired, then add the binding. I quilted Sprinkle in a combination of echo quilting and horizontal lines.

Quilt Giving DiagramsQuilt Giving Full Diagram

Quilt Giving CoverYou can buy Quilt Giving by Deborah Fisher on our website now and you will be able to create more beautiful projects for yourself and to give as a gift.

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