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The brand new book from the incredibly talented team behind the Fat Quarterly e-zine is not to be missed! Quilt Colour Workshop explores colour theory in a creative and fascinating way, demonstrating the huge impact that colour can have on your quilting and sewing projects.

Fat Quarterly Quilt Colour WorkshopThe Fat Quarterly e-zine is a digital magazine for modern sewists, created by modern sewists. It was started by members of the online modern quilting community to share project ideas and inspiration with as many quilters as possible! The team that have put the book together are Tacha Bruecher, Brioni Greenberg, Lynne Goldsworthy and John Adams. Find out more about the faces behind Fat Quarterly on their website.

Their book, Quilt Colour Workshop, is split into 6 colour-themed chapters and includes 12 practical quilt projects, each illustrating a different colour theory. With a variety of quilts in different sizes and other quilted items to make, the hardest part will be choosing which design to start with! The beautiful colour wheel quilt on the front cover is included too!

Fat Quarterly Quilt Colour WorkshopThe main elements of colour theory are all explained in detail at the beginning of the book, including how to use a colour wheel and how to co-ordinate fabrics based on value, saturation and pattern. Learn about the 6 main colour theories of monotone, analagous, complementary, double complementary, split complementary and triadic.

Each colour-themed chapter features examples of quilt blocks made using solid and patterned fabrics for the 6 colour theories. You can mix and match the blocks to create endless quilt designs! For every colour there are instructions for 2 unique projects designed by members of the Fat Quarterly team as well: a total of 7 quilts and 5 smaller projects, which include a sewing machine cover, table runners, a tote bag and a cushion.

Fat Quarterly Quilt Colour Workshop Fat Quarterly Quilt Colour WorkshopFat Quarterly Quilt Colour Workshop Fat Quarterly Quilt Colour WorkshopFat Quarterly Quilt Colour Workshop Fat Quarterly Quilt Colour WorkshopPre-order Fat Quarterly Quilt Colour Workshopyour copy of Quilt Colour Workshop, which publishes in mid-March, for the patterns to create all of these beautiful quilt projects. And once you’ve mastered the art of combining and co-ordinating colours, pick out your favourite fabrics and get quilting!

Check out our video to see more of the designs from the book:

Which colours do you like to use for your quilts? Do you love the Fat Quarterly e-zine? Leave a comment below or post photos of your quilting projects on our Facebook page!

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