Quilt Auction for Mind

You probably all know that we have recently partnered with Mind to raise some money and awareness for them with our Cross Stitch to Calm cross stitch kits. Well, we now have something else that is really special to share with you.

Scrap Quilt

One of our lovely SewandSo staff members, Lisa, has made a scrap quilt using fabric from our fabric room in the warehouse. She had the idea to auction the quilt to raise some more money for Mind. We, of course, thought this was such an amazing idea. The quilt, as you can see is so well made, it is just fabulous. Some really great work has gone into this by Lisa.

I reached out to Lisa to find out what gave her the idea. She wrote a guest blog for us, explaining about the quilt and her own struggles with mental health.

My name is Lisa and I have been working for Sewandso for a year. I work in the thread room but my biggest passion is in fabric. If you have this passion you can’t walk out of a store without at least a few fat quarters even if you have no idea of a project at the time it’s just an addiction!
The fabric room has off cuts that the staff can help themselves to with a small donation in the charity box. So I decided to start collecting them; as long as they were 2.5 inches wide I could cut them into different lengths and chain stitch them into metres and metres and the cut them to 12in lengths to make the blocks.
Scrap QuiltI saw that the company were doing a promotion for Mental health awareness and as I have Bipolar I could make this quilt and auction it for the charity Mind.


When I started to make the quilt top I didn’t realise I was going hypomanic with my illness and was absent from work from personal stress. When my depression hit I had compleated it in less than a week. That’s when I knew I needed to seek help for my illness. It was ironic that I was making a quilt to help the charity when I was suffering at the time. So it’s something quite special.  I decided to back it in super-soft teddy bear fabric because it’s so comforting and warm.


I think craft can help people with mental health issues because it’s a distraction but it’s also a bit like meditation with every stitch you can let your thoughts go. I think I have tried most crafts; knitting crochet, bobbin lace making, cross stitch, embroidery and have just been accepted to make knitted knockers for ladies with recent mastectomy.
I hope other people are inspired to have a go at crafting, whatever that may be, because for whatever reason you do it, craft is a great way to relax and create something beautiful too.


Everyone at SewandSo would like to thank Lisa for making the quilt and for writing the guest blog above.


You can bid for the quilt by following the link here to eBay. All money raised from the sale of the quilt will go to Mind

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