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There are so many beautiful laces from vintage dresses to store bought. Adornments by Myra Callan is a beautiful book with pretty projects to sew and create using fabric, lace and beads. We love the projects using lace and in particular this sweet and light belt is simple in its construction but dramatic in its overall result. You can use an assortment of laces in various sizes. I like to use a larger lace for the base and small pieces of lace that were left over from other projects for layering. Feel free to use vintage and new lace and add buttons, beads or other embellishments of your choice. This piece is constructed with simple hand-sewing techniques.

You Will Need:



1 Two elongated ovals of tulle, layered on top
of one another, will serve as the base or
foundation for the belt.
2 Place the lace pieces on the tulle and
arrange them to cover most of the tulle.
You don’t have to cover all of the tulle. Small,
visible sections of tulle add to the ethereal look
of the piece.
3 You may want to slip some pieces of lace
partially underneath other pieces. Layering
multiple types of lace will give the piece a
decadent look.

4 Pin the pieces down if you’d like, and carefully begin stitching
the lace onto the tulle.

5 Hand-sew beads on top of the lace. You can sew beads in
clusters and spread them out as well.
6 After all the beads are sewn on, turn the belt over and center
the ribbon over the tulle. Hand-sew the ribbon onto the tulle.


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