Pretty Gift-Jar Wrap


Print Jar Wrap


You Will Need:

  • Pearlescent card
  • Bunting clear stamp set by Let’s Go
  • Decorative edge punch
  • Black ink pad
  • Ultra-adhesive tape and glue stick
  • Clean jar with lid




1. Measure the circumference of a jar that has been cleaned and dried. Cut a piece of blue card measuring 6cm (23?8in) tall, and the width as long as your jar circumference. Cut a piece of green card 2.5cm (1in) tall, by the same width as the jar circumference, minus 3cm (11?8in).

2. Stamp flag poles using black ink, about a third of the way along from the left and right edges of the blue card.

3. Punch a decorative border along the green card’s long top edge and attach to the bottom of the blue card with ultra-adhesive tape.

4. Stamp small triangles onto coloured card and stick onto the blue card in a bunting pattern; start in the top centre and form an upside down arc to finish in the right-hand third of the card. Attach the decorated blue card panel to your jar using ultra-adhesive tape to ensure it stays in place.

5. Cut a 6cm x 3cm (23?8in x 11?8in) piece of blue card; adhere with ultra-adhesive tape over the join at the back. Then cut and punch a 2.5cm x 3cm (1in x 11?8in) piece of green card to attach on top, so your ‘grass’ meets up. Fill your jar with sweets or goodies and gift it!


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