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Pen to Thread coverPen to Thread is the new book from Sarah Watson. ‘Whether you’re an old hand or a newcomer to embroidery, this is the book for you. It includes over 750 hand drawn embroidery designs to inspire your stitches’.




From the moment you open Pen to Thread you are filled with lovely little illustrations and playful embroidery patterns that just make you want to complete all the designs in an afternoon no matter what you embroider them on to! It features all sorts of designs from a sewing machine to a cowboy hat. It even throws a mermaid and a submarine into the mix!


One thing that is really handy in Pen to Thread is that it has an extremely detailed introduction. It shows you different threads you can use and how those different threads affect the type of stitch that you do. It also talks about fabrics and has simple step-by-step instructions on different types of stitches so even beginners can create these designs.

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The book is cleverly split into sections to help with finding the ideal design for you. There are all manner of quirky motifs to add a little something extra to even the smallest sewing project. A few examples of pattern topics are: Made in the USA, Tools of the trade, animals and by the sea.

Pizza Pen to Thread Sewing machine Pen to ThreadPaint brush Pen to Thread When life gives you lemons Pen to Thread Pinata pen to ThreadDalmatian pen to thread

You only have to flick through this book to be inspired to create your own designs. Sarah is an illustrator and designer and has used her love of line drawings of every day items to create this entertaining book.

“Embroidery is a wonderful skill to have, a hobby that is relaxing and portable, and that results in a fantastic finished product. Writing this book has inspired me to be creative as often as I can, and I hope it does the same for you. So gather your threads, needles, and fabric, and get ready to stitch!” – Sarah Watson


Pen to Thread contains everything you need to create these whimsical motifs. You can order the book online now or download the eBook. We recently got the chance to speak to Sarah Watson, to find out about her design inspiration and the book, you can read all about it here.


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