Patchwork Table Mat Project

Making your own home accessories is fab, because you can pick fabrics that match your room. This patchwork table mat, in cream, beige and muted shades of blue and green, would suit a light and airy dining room or kitchen. By Linda Clements

Patchwork Place Mat

You Will Need:


1. To create the patchwork, take five of the 7cm (2¾in) print squares and using 6mm (¼in) seams, sew the squares together. Press seams in one direction. Do the same with the other five squares, changing the order if desired. Take the two strips of white fabric and sew one to the right side of one set of print squares and the other to the left side of the other set of print squares. Press the seams. Now take the pale print fabric piece, sew it to the white strips and press seams.

2. To hand quilt the mat, use the template provided. Copy the template and tape it to a bright window. Tape the patchwork on top, right side up, so the pattern shows through one of the white fabric strips. Use a pencil to lightly trace the pattern onto the fabric. Now copy the pattern onto the other white strip. Place the piece of wadding on the back of the patchwork and safety pin in place. Quilt through both layers using three strands of stranded cotton. Quilt the flower outlines in blue, the inner circle in red-orange and the linking curves in green. Stitch the central cross as long stitches in green.

3. To machine quilt the mat, press it first and then using thread to match the fabrics, quilt by machine down the long seams, ‘in the ditch’. Press the work.

4. To finish the mat, place the patchwork right side up. Place the backing fabric right side down on top and pin together. Trim the wadding and backing to the same size as the patchwork. Sew the pieces together all the way around the edge leaving a gap of about 12.7cm (5in) in the bottom. Trim the points off the corners a little, turn through to the right side and press the seam.

5. Turn the edges of the gap inwards neatly and hand sew together with little stitches and matching thread. Finish by using your sewing machine to sew all around the edge of the mat about 3mm (1?8in) from the edge all round. This is called topstitching and creates a neat, firm edge.

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