Lavender Patchwork Heart Project

If you’re after something prettier than an average scented candle, try making this lavender patchwork heart. Hang it by your window so that the breeze wafts hints of lavender into your room! by Mary Fogg

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You Will Need:

Lavender Heart Pattern
Fabric design roll
We used: Kathy Davis Journeys
White sewing thread
We used: Gutermann colour 800
Pink ribbon
Dried lavender and toy filling



1. Make yourself a card template measuring 3.5cm (13?8in) square, and use to cut out 70 squares in various patterns. Press the fabric squares. Lay out the squares in your preferred order to form a large rectangle of 10 rows, with seven squares top to bottom.
2. Take the first two squares in row 1 and with right sides facing stitch along the top edge. Add the third square, stitching along the bottom edge this time. Continue until you have finished your first row of seven squares. It may be helpful to number each strip 1–10 as you go.
3. Once all strips are sewn, press, then, with right sides facing, sew the first two strips together. Repeat until you have joined all 10 strips to form a piece of patchwork; gently press.
4. You now have a rectangle of patchwork from which to cut your heart shape. With right sides facing, fold the fabric in half, short sides together and pin. Place the heart template on the patchwork piece and draw around it with a pencil. This is your stitching line.
5. Starting half way along one side, machine stitch around the marked pencil line, taking great care with the curves, and leaving a 5cm (2in) gap for turning.
6. Cut out the heart shape 6mm (¼in) from the stitched line. Snip into the curves and down into the V to get the best possible shape, and turn right side out. Gently press into shape, stuff and add in some dried lavender. Sew the gap closed using slip stitch. Stitch a ribbon loop at the top of heart to hang.



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