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This pretty papercraft paper bunting is an easy alternative to the more traditional fabric bunting as it doesn’t require a sewing machine! Use it to liven up a party, or as an everyday decoration for your home — hang along the fireplace, the bottom of your bed, or from corner to corner of a room. by Prudence Rogers

Pretty Paper Bunting


You Will Need:


1. Using the template, cut two triangles for each bunting flag from co-ordinating patterned papers. The more triangles you choose to make, the longer your bunting will be.

2. Cut strips of striped dark pink paper 2.5cm (1in) wide. You will need four strips for each of your triangles. Punch the strips with a scallop border punch to create a decorative edge. Glue two strips wrong sides together to make them double-sided.

3. Glue one strip to each side of a triangle on the wrong side of the paper. The scalloped edge should overhang the edge of the triangle by about 1cm (3?8in). Glue the matching triangle of patterned paper over the glued edges of the strips to cover them up and create a double-sided bunting flag. Repeat for the remaining paper triangles and strips.

4. Use a hole punch to cut out one hole on either side of the top edge of your bunting flags.

5. Cut lengths of ribbon 60cm (235?8in) long. Thread a length of ribbon through the right-hand hole of one bunting flag, from the back to the front. Put the other end through the left-hand hole of the next bunting flag and tie the two ends together in a bow.

6. Trim the ends of the ribbon so that they are even, creating an inverted V-shape. Continue in this way to add more flags until your bunting is the desired length.


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