Paper Gift Bag Project

This paper gift bag is the perfect shape and size for jewellery items and small trinkets and accessories. Such items look much nicer placed amongst tissue paper or delicate fabric in a gift bag — not to mention much less fiddly than trying to wrap them up in gift wrap paper! by Jennifer Forster

Paper Gift Bag Project

You Will Need:


1. Following the diagram, cut out two pieces of card 2.5cm x 11cm (1in x 43?8in) and stick in panel A and B to strengthen. Fold down flap C and stick.

2. Fold side D over to meet side E. Glue right side of tab D and stick to the inside of side E so that the side D joins to make the body of the bag.

3. Looking at the bottom of the bag, push in panels F and then fold down the other flaps one on top of the other and glue. To strengthen, place a piece of card in the bottom of the bag.

4. Punch holes for the ribbon handles 1.5cm (5?8in) from the top of the bag and 3cm (11?8in) in from each side, and roughly 5cm (2in) apart. Cut two pieces of ribbon to about 15cm (6in) each, thread through and knot inside to fasten.

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