Paper Bead Bracelets | Free Tutorial

These beautiful handmade paper bead bracelets by Danielle Lowy make a great gift. You can use any patterned papers to create these simple beads, and the cute design will delight all ages!

_DSC2108You Will Need:

  • Sheets of patterned paper 15cm x 15cm (6in x 6in)
  • Seed beads
  • Elastic cord
  • Sealing varnish
  • Foam block and cocktail sticks

Paper Bead Bracelets Instructions:

1. Each bead is made from a long triangle of paper. First mark out the triangles onto the back of your paper sheets: make a pencil mark every 2cm (¾in) down the right-hand side; on the left-hand side, make the first mark at 1cm (?in), then all subsequent marks 2cm (¾in) apart.

2. To join the pencil marks, draw a line from the top right-hand corner to the 1cm (?in) mark on the left-hand side, then draw a line from the 1cm (?in) mark to the first 2cm (¾in) mark on the right-hand side, and carry on zigzagging down the sheet.

3. Cut the triangles out, discarding those marked first and last on the paper sheet. Take a paper triangle and starting at the wide end, roll it snugly round a cocktail stick. Glue the last 10cm (4in) to keep the paper from unfurling, then place the cocktail stick in a foam block. Make nine more beads in the same way.

4. Apply a coat of sealing varnish to the beads and leave to dry; then apply another coat of varnish to ensure strong shiny beads. When dry, twist the beads off the cocktail sticks.

5. Cut a 30cm (12in) length of elastic cord and attach a paper clip about 5cm (2in) from one end. Thread on paper beads interspersed with seed beads — the number required will depend on the wrist size. Remove the paper clip and tie the ends together tightly in a knot. Cut off excess cord.

Paper Bead Bracelets Danielle Lowy

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