This week we’re loving… new Tilda ranges!

Tone Finnanger has done it again! The new Tilda ranges for autumn 2015 are a joy to behold — with two co-ordinating collections entitled Sweetheart and Autumn Tree. This week we’ll be picking our top products, prints, papers and prettiness in a week-long celebration of the new Tilda ranges.

New Tilda Ranges Autumn 2015

Clockwise from bottom left: pretty Tilda fabrics from the Autumn Tree collection; the Tilda Sweetheart house sewing kit is every sewing fan’s must have; the model from Tone Finnanger’s new book Tilda’s Toy Box looks delighted with her bedroom decor made from the new Tilda ranges; the new shape Tilda dolls are so plump and perfect and also come as a Swetheart doll kit; the Jungle Adventure chapter of Tilda’s Toy Box contains, monkeys, snakes and parrot toys in gorgeous prints from the new Tilda ranges; Autumn Tree ribbons need displaying on a pretty ribbon holder; favoutite print Forest in Slate Blue makes a pretty foil for a doll and some Autumn Tree buttons; a gorgeous stack of Tilda Sweetheart Fat Quarters just waiting to be sewn into something lovely. With a stash like this, what would you create?

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