New Kaffe Fassett Fabric for Spring 2015

This week we are celebrating the life and work of designer Kaffe Fassett who has been influential in the craft world for the last 50 years! Today we are getting most excited about the new collection of Kaffe Fassett fabric for spring 2015 — a riot of colour and pattern.

This collection is pure Kaffe — super bright colours and intricate designs which combine to create an exuberant celebration of pattern and print. Kaffe Fassett’s work, throughout his 50 year long career, has been defined by his glorious use of colour and this collection is no exception. Vivid reds sit next to deep greens to create a complementary colour zing. The patterns are clearly inspired by natural forms and flora and yet, because of the colour, they have a hyper-real quality, rather than a sweet ‘summer garden’ effect. You can view the whole glorious collection here.

Kaffe’s prints really come into their own when they are combined in patchwork projects. Somehow all the contrasting colours and shapes come together to create a totally unique effect. This can be seen in the Summery Infinity Scarf Kit we’ve created using a design by Prudence Rogers. The scarf uses six fat quarters of fabric: three light and three dark, which are combined to create an incredibly versatile summery scarf — perfect for summer evenings.


By using three lighter fabrics and three darker fabrics the scarf becomes reversible so you get two different looks for the price of one — awesome!

Please letflat scarf us know what you make with the latest Kaffe Fassett fabric – you can share it on our shareboard here using the hashtag #KaffeFassett.



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