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As the editor of the new book 50 Fat Quarter Makes, I was delighted when the authors asked me to join in with the blog hop they have organised to promote the book. As it’s handmade dolls week here at SewandSo, I’ve put the two things together to blog this cute dolly dress that I made using a pattern from the book.

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teddydressThe Ditsy Teddy Bear in the book, designed by Prudence Rogers, features this cute ribbon tie dress that I thought would look really sweet upscaled in Tilda fabric for my little girl’s favourite doll. As a child I remember vividly my delight at waking up to find my dolly had a new outfit, sewn by my clever mum, and I’ve always wanted to pass that tradition on – but my dressmaking skills are seriously behind those of my mother, and I also have far less time on my hands than she did! So, I was really pleased to find this super easy pattern that can be used to knock out a new dress for dolly in under an hour.


Quick and Easy Teddy/Dolly Dress

You will need:
Fat quarter of fabric – I used Tilda Winter Bird Teal
1/4in (6mm) wide ribbon
• Dress template from 50 Fat Quarter Makes – *I enlarged the pattern by 300% for my doll, rather than the 200% enlargement required for to fit the teddy


1 Cut two dress shapes from the fat quarter. With right sides up, fold over each armhole by 1/4in (6mm) around the curve and iron. Don’t worry if the seam allowance becomes smaller as the turn tightens. Stitch the folded edge around each armhole closed (see Fig 2).


2 Fold the top neckline down by 1/4in (6mm), then a further 3/8in (1cm) to conceal the raw edge, then iron and pin. Sew close to the bottom folded edge to make a casing for the ribbon. Repeat for the other dress piece.


3 With right sides facing, pin the front and back dress pieces together. Sew down each straight side using a 1/4in (6mm) seam allowance. Finish the seam with zigzag stitch and fold to one side (see Fig 3).


4 Fold and iron a 3/8in (1cm) hem around the bottom of the dress and sew 1/4in (6mm) from the folded edge.


5 Thread a 14in (35.5cm) length of ribbon through each casing, using a small safety pin at one end. Centre the ribbon and sew a small vertical row of stitching in the middle of the casing. Heat-seal the ends of the ribbon to prevent them from fraying. Place the teddy or doll in the dress, pull up the ribbons to gather the top and tie in a bow at each side.


I’m so happy with how my dolly dress turned out, and it made one little girl very happy before school this morning!



Get a copy of 50 Fat Quarter Makes for this and 49 other fabulous patterns from a host of great designers!

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