Top Nine Needlecraft Instagram Finds this March

Stay on top of your game with this monthly dose of needlecraft Instagram inspiration designed to flood your feed with colour and creativity whilst building community and improving your chances of being reposted…

collage of top nine needlecraft Instagram finds including stumpwork butterfly, cross stitched knitting and thread painted birdTop Row L-R: @mermerje @homestitchness @happygwensday, Middle Row L-R: @peacockandfig @dietryingtx @ butik_el.emegi, Bottom Row L-R: @uskonst @paulina.bart @kraftastrophe

Upping your social media game is tricky especially when it comes to finding quality hashtags to add to your posts and like-minded folks to connect with. So, we asked Shannan from Bobbin & Fred to take up the mantel to scour the stitch-related accounts to bring you effortless treasures. Shannan has put together a selection of fun needlecraft Instagram hashtags and fantastic fibre art posts to inspire your craftsy souls and make your embroidered hearts sing this March. As well as all of that, she’s added­ in her favourite from the images posted under our hashtag. Tag your photos with #SewandSo for a chance to be featured next time!

Almost ready to fly 💖

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1. @mermerje has developed her own technique with its origin in stumpwork to create these breathtaking butterflies. The heavenly blends of soft pinks and subtle hues help this butterfly look almost ready to take flight. Mermerje’s feed shows her incredible sculptures in all stages of creation and is a real treat to follow for needlecraft Instagram fans.

2. This charming row of pastel townhouses by @homestitchness reminds me of Notting Hill and gently evokes the festivities of the carnival. I bagsy the yellow one, it looks so cheery I can’t resist, which one would you move in to?

3. I can’t get enough of the embroidered surface on these dala horses by @happygwensday, teamed with their floss manes they look so tactile to hold. I found these under #makersvillage, add this tag to your images for features on the @makersvillage account.

4. Are you a cross stitch addict? If so #crossstitchaddict is for you! Add this tag to your cross stitch masterpieces to find your tribe and place your handiwork amongst friends. There are plenty of gems to discover under this blooming needlecraft Instagram community. This month I spotted @peacockandfig’s stunning Solarize Dahlia Cross Stitch pattern and discovered Dana’s a designer with an inspirational story behind her success, check her out to learn more about her creative journey.

New lucky rabbits foot patches are live! #chainstitch #luckycharm

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5. The colour combination and western influences of @dietryingtx’s selection of lucky rabbit’s foot patches caught my attention first and then I learnt they use vintage equipment to produce a modern aesthetic and was hooked. Their feed is a smorgasbord of colour and Wild West imagery and is well worth checking out.

6. Combining knitting and cross stitch produces stunning results as seen here in this example by @butik_el.emegi, it’s interesting to see she cross stitches as she knits but this technique could also be applied to a plain piece of knitwear in need of a makeover.

7. Ulla-Stina of @uskonst covers 70s household objects with needlepoint tapestries she’s collected from second-hand markets to give them a new lease of life. The collection of objects she’s covered is extraordinary, from binoculars to typewriters and everything in between! Her feed is good fun to follow and it’s enjoyable to see the variety of vintage canvases she finds on her travels.

8. The delicate artistry used to create this thread painted brooch of a Coppersmith Barbet by @paulina.bart is superb. I particularly like the lacy ribbon on its neckline to suggest the continuation of feathers. Paulina’s feed is a celebration of our feathered friends immortalised in handstitch and it’s with bated breath and much excitement her followers wait and see which bird will be honoured next.

9. Vicky of @kraftastrophe is making wonderful progress with our Long Dog Samplers Secret Stitch Along and is my favourite photo tagged with #SewandSo this month. Beautiful stitching, Vicky! The thread colours look so striking against the black background.

And here we go! #MarchMeetTheMaker, the insta challenge you’ve all been patiently waiting for is finally here! This year we have lots of new prompts, and plenty of surprises throughout the challenge to make things even more exciting! Wanna know what I’m talking about? Well, you’ll have to take part to find out! . 2017 was the biggest the challenge has ever been. Can we smash it and make 2018 even bigger? I think we can. I’m up for the challenge, how about you? Tell your friends, shout it from the rooftops, and let’s get as many creatives involved as we can to grow our amazing community of makers and small businesses! . For those of you who are new to this, this challenge is to help small businesses such as you and me to tell the story behind the brand. It also aims to give an insight into the face, process and hard work that goes into creating all of the beautiful products we have to offer. . The challenge kicks off on Thursday 1st March 2018 and absolutely anyone can join in, in fact, the more the merrier! All you have to do is post a daily photo to Instagram relating to the prompt of that day and tag it with #MarchMeetTheMaker to take part. If you ever want to revisit the prompts, save this image or hop on over to (link also in bio) to have a browse. I can’t wait to see what you post and learn a little more about you!

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10. ‘Ten?! But this is a Top Nine list!’ I hear you cry. I just couldn’t resist sneaking in this fab challenge running throughout March. #MarchMeetTheMaker is a daily prompts challenge run by @joannehawker that everyone can join in with. The idea is to post a photo a day inspired by that day’s prompt. In Joanne’s words, it’s a ‘great opportunity to network with other like-minded creative types, forge new friendships’ and tell your story. You can even plan ahead with the downloadable planning sheet available here.

Do remember to use #SewandSo to show us your needlecraft Instagram posts. We love being inspired by your creativity! Whether you’re sewing a kit, taking part in a stitch along or crafting your own design with supplies from SewandSo, tag your photo with #SewandSo to be featured here. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and stay up to date with all our needlecraft news.

By Shannan of Bobbin and Fred



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