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We are welcoming in the new year with up to 50% off our entire Downloads and eBooks section and there are great savings to be had on a huge selection of gorgeous projects. Emma from our Customer Care team has been one of the first to take advantage of this fantastic offer by felting these Cute and Cuddly Critters! Find out how she got on in her guest post…

needle felting critters

Guest Post By Emma

This cute and cuddly felting kit was a pleasure to make, I have done a lot of needle felting before and I wanted to try making jointed toys which I hadn’t done before. The materials in total came to approx £30 and it was a great rainy day project, which we have had a lot of recently!

This kit would be perfect for someone who hasn’t done any needle felting before because of the way the project comes together – it starts big allowing you to get you used to the technique and the finer details come later on. Needle felting is a very forgiving method of making and can hid/fix any mistake easily.

The only two deviations from the instructions I made were; I didn’t use wire to join the limbs and I didn’t use wool stuffing I only had polyester.

I choose not to use wire because I just didn’t like the idea of a toy having metal inside. I substituted it with two strands of the monofilament used for the whiskers. It is strong and flexible. With the right tension the limbs stay in place when you move them.

I only had polyester stuffing at home, it worked well but needed a lot of felting as it didn’t have the natural fibres of wool. The little dress was a challenge to make once the toy was assembled, in hindsight I may have done some of this part before attaching the head!

Needle Felting Cute Critters

I do hope you like them as much as I enjoyed making them. If you have any needle felting queries please let us know in the comments below.

Happy stitching!


How cute are Emma’s felt critters! If you fancy trying your hand at this project, then you can pick up the kit for half price today, or browse our entire selection of discounted Downloads and eBooks and grab yourself some bargains today. 

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