Napkin Applique Project

To make your party extra special, why not have a go at making and embellishing your own serviettes? These elegant napkin appliques of tasty cupcakes are cut from colourful fabric scraps, and finished with vibrant emerald-green ric-rac. The fabric scraps have been carefully chosen to represent the cupcake – these include a pretty striped cotton for the icing and a red and white polka-dot fabric for the cherry. Appliqued Cupcake Napkins from Make Me I’m Yours Party



you will need (for one napkin) …

• 37cm (14½in) square white linen

• 152cm (60in) ric-rac

• selection of fabric scraps

• fusible web




1. The napkin has traditional mitred corners – a sophisticated way to finish off the corners by enclosing all the raw edges. Working from the front of your fabric, press under 1cm (3/8in) around the entire square. Press under a further 2cm (¾in) to create your hem. To mitre the corners, open out the pressed seams and, on the 2cm (¾in) fold line, insert a pin at the corners.

2. Make a crease diagonally at this point and score along the fold line with your fingernail (pressing with the iron will press out the existing fold lines).

3. Refold the hems and pin into position at the mitres and every 5cm (2in). Topstitch close to the folded edge, taking care at the corners. Slipstitch the mitre into place.

4. Pin and stitch the ric-rac over your stitching line to hide the seams.

5. Draw out the sections of the cupcake template onto the fusible web, fuse to your chosen fabrics and cut out. Fuse onto the napkin diagonally at one corner using a pressing cloth to avoid marking the linen. (Note some of the sections need to be fused onto each other to build up the design.)

6. Machine appliqué the cupcake design in place – this will take patience and time, as you need to go around fairly intricate shapes and will need to change threads for each fabric. As long as you have a good zigzag stitch on your machine, you can keep the bobbin threaded with ivory thread and only change the needle thread.


Tips and Tricks

Why not choose your own motifs? Just remember to keep your shapes simple, using no more than four colours for each!

For a summer garden party, choose flowers, snails and butterflies. For Christmas gatherings, a gingerbread man is a great decoration.


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