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My-Felt-DollMy Felt Doll is the eagerly anticipated book by popular toy designer Shelly Down, best-loved for her wonderful toy creations under the banner of Gingermelon. Armed with a selection of felt sheets and easy to follow instructions, crafters will quickly learn how to sew the simple doll pattern, which can be used to create up to 12 utterly delightful variations with over 40 accompanying accessories!

Inspired by vintage children’s books, fairy tales and the cute lovable style of Japanese Kawaii, My Felt Doll demonstrates a range of lovable doll designs including, a mermaid, a superhero, a witch, a bride, a circus ringmaster and a ballerina. Created from one simple pattern, each doll can then be adapted to one of the 12 different designs, the only difficult part is choosing which one…


With the exception of the Mermaid who has a tail instead of legs, only a few changes to their facial expressions and hairstyles are needed to create a broad selection of irresistible designs.  There are also no hems to sew and all the stitching can be done by hand, making My Felt Doll a great entry point to sewing for both beginners and even children.


The gorgeous book is jam packed with beautiful illustrations and photography to help you guide you through each process and whether you are a novice or a fully fledged professional, the easy to follow instructions will also help every sewer to feel confident in their abilities in make something wonderful. Each finished doll measures about 25cm (10inches) in height, so is perfect for a little one to tuck in their pocket and take along on an adventure!


Which Felt Doll will you make first? Pre-order the book today and get the eBook for FREE!

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