Mouse Finger Puppets Project

This adorable mouse finger puppets project  makes the perfect furry friend. Add her to the Toddler Jumper Project where the little teacup pocket will keep your mouse safe and sound (and look adorable too!)

Finger Puppet Project

You Will Need:

Mouse Finger Puppet1. Create body of mouse and stitch nose
Using the pattern, cut the front and
back of the mouse out of sweater felt. With right
sides together, straight stitch the edges together,
leaving a 1?8″ (3mm) seam allowance. Turn the
mouse right-side out and steam press it, covering it with a press cloth. Fold the top down 1″ (3cm) and stitch the “nose” to the front with a yarn accent.

Mouse Finger Puppet2. Hand stitch felt ears to the mouse.
Cut two circles out of felt for the mouse ears. Fold each circle in half and hand stitch it to the corner of the head. Repeat for the other ear.



Mouse Finger Puppet3. Twist yarn to form tail
Cut a 24″ (61cm) length of yarn, and fold the yarn in half. Hold the folded end of the yarn in one hand and twist the free ends with the other hand. Twist the yarn until it doubles back on itself. Tie off the end of the yarn so the tail measures 5″ (13cm).



Mouse Finger Puppet

4. Attach eyes and tail and
Finish bottom edge Hand-stitch the bead eyes and yarn tail to the mouse body. You can also add whiskers, if you’d like. Blanket stitch around the bottom edge of the mouse with yarn.

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