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Mother’s Day is fast approaching and if you are looking for Mother’s Day Gifts to make we’ve got the perfect project here. A super pretty peg bag – what mum wouldn’t love it?

Doing the laundry is one of those chores that a lot of people put off! We have created this cheerful peg bag to brighten up this mundane task and put some enjoyment back into washday. The peg bag features whimsical details of a washing line with a row of colourful appliquéd clothes made from recycled fabrics. It has a faced oval opening that reveals a pretty patterned lining.

peg bag pattern

Of course, pegging out your washing is also much better for the environment than using a tumble dryer, and you get your reward later when folding up washing that smells of sunshine and fresh air. What could be better than that? Your peg bag is likely to be left out in all weathers, so make sure the base cloth is durable and pre-shrunk. We used a natural cotton canvas, although coloured canvas, denim or drill would be suitable alternatives. The opening is picked out in running stitch embroidery, and the quirky clothing shapes are machine appliquéd. The bag also incorporates a wooden hanger so that you can hang it from the washing line while pegging out your clothes.

Fabric focus

The peg bag is made using a combination of appliqué and free motion embroidery techniques. We made the appliquéd clothing motifs and the contrasting lining fabric from a selection of fresh blue and yellow cottons sourced from old shirts and dresses. You can have lots of fun choosing the fabrics for the ‘clothes’ on the peg bag from your fabric stash.

You will need

  • 50 x 80cm (195/8  x 31½in) pre-shrunk natural cotton canvasGet The Template
  • 50 x 40cm (195/8  x 15¾in) calico or similar lining fabric
  • 50 x 40cm (195/8  x 15¾in) printed medium-weight cotton
  • Selection of fabric scraps
  • 28cm (11in) wooden wishbone hanger
  • Double-sided fusable webbing (Bondaweb)
  • Tailor’s chalk pencil
  • 27cm (105/8 in) garden twine (jute)
  • Embroidery threads
  • Polyester sewing thread



1.  Draft all pattern pieces – see icon above – the pattern includes the template and positioning of the oval opening. Using the photograph above as a guide, design your row of clothing and transfer these shapes onto Bondaweb. Cut out back and front pieces in canvas, one back lining in printed fabric and one front lining in calico. With tailor’s chalk, transfer oval opening onto the w/s of the calico lining (a).

2.  Pin r/s of front canvas and calico lining together and stitch around your chalk marking. Trim back opening to 1cm (3/8  in) and clip.  Turn through to r/s and press well. With complementary embroidery thread, sew a neat running stitch (approx. 3 stitches to the inch) 5mm (¼in) in from the edge of the oval.


3.  Measure down 7cm (2¾in) from opening and, with tailor’s chalk, mark a line 25cm (9 7/8  in). Take the twine and tie a knot in either end. Lay this over your guideline and couch down. To create the uprights of the washing line, draw 2 vertical lines in tailor’s chalk at either end of your twine (refer to pattern for position). Using brown embroidery thread, stem stitch over marking.

4.  Taking the Bondaweb clothing shapes, fuse onto your scraps of fabrics and cut out. Position at intervals along the washing line, fuse and machine appliqué  (b). Finish off with a long stitch in brown embroidery thread at either end of each garment piece to suggest pegs.





5.  Pin w/s printed lining and w/s back canvas together and tack to hold in place. On front and back pieces, zigzag between notch points at hanger opening to neaten. Press to the inside between notches on both pieces and topstitch. Pin r/s of canvas together and stitch 1cm (3/8in) from edge. Don’t forget to leave the top open for the hanger! Clip and zigzag over the raw edges to neaten (c).

6.  Turn through, press well and insert the wooden hanger. If you are using a different hanger you may need to reshape the top of the pattern to fit snugly.


This project was excerpted from Sew Fabulous Fabric by Alice Butcher and Ginny Farquhar, you can buy your copy here.


What are you making for Mother’s Day? Do you have any great last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas? Leave a comment below or post photos on our Facebook page!


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