Monochrome Necklace Project

Learn how to make a necklace with this free Dorothy Wood project, one of the best makers in the business. A modern and easy necklace project, this Monochrome necklace project is the perfect way to start your jewellery making hobby!



You Will Need:


1. Sort the beads to find the larger beads for the bottom dangles of the necklace. To make the first dangle, thread a seed bead then one or two large beads onto a headpin leaving at least 7mm (9?32in) of headpin at the top. Trim headpin to 7mm (9?32in) and make a loop with round-nose pliers.

2. Make a second dangle using one of the larger crystals. Thread both dangles onto a length of leather thong and drop down to the middle.

3. Make two smaller dangles, one crystal, one opaque. If the headpin pulls through the larger bead holes, pick up a seed bead first. Thread the two dangles onto the thong and tie an overhand knot. Make two more dangles and tie in a knot to the other side of the thong, positioning the knot about 2.5cm (1in) higher than on the other side.

4. Continue to add dangles to another five knots spaced every 5cm (2in) or so.

5. Once you are happy with the length of the necklace, trim the thong. Attach a thong end to each end using flat-nose pliers. Open the silver spring ring and attach to the right side of the necklace.

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