Monday Must Haves | Monday Love List

This summer we have to show you our Monday Must Haves on our Monday Love List! We have accumulated so much craft goodies over the year and we want to make sure you keep your accessories up to date.

With so many accessories to have, we wanted to share our favourites with you. From scissors to hoops to thread storage, this is what we are loving this week.

1. Eiffel Tower Silver Scissors

Eiffel Tower Silver Scissors

We have a range of scissors for you here at SewandSo, however these  petite novelty Eiffel Tower scissors are stunning! They are silver coloured, with tiny thumb holes and blades – ideal for collectors of retro needlework hardware. Perfect for a gift and definitely ideal if you want to treat yourself for a new pair!

2. 10 Inch Wooden Embroidery Hoop


10 Inch Wooden Embroidery Hoop

Hoops hoops hoops! We love our hoops! Today we thought we’d remind you the hoops from all sorts of sizes! Perfect for miniature embroidery necklaces to bigger projects. We have wooden to plastic hoops – perfect if you have a preference! Don’t forget – DMC have the most beautifully floral painted hoops in different sizes too! You can find them here.

3.  Rotary Cutter

45mm Olfa Aqua Rotary Cutter

If you plan on working with fabric over the summer, then a rotary cutter is a must have! The nice thing about working with a rotary cutter is that it can be used to cut all sorts, such as ribbon and paper.

4. DMC Thread Storage Box 

DMC Thread Storage Box

This simple thread storage box from DMC is ideal for all your threads and being able to see, at a glance, what threads you have and, more importantly, what you are running low on. Use this box to colour coordinate your thread or keep in sections depending on which project(s) you’re are currently working on.

5. Needles and Pins – (Sewing Kit) 

167 Piece Professional Sewing Kit

It’s always handy to have a pack of needles and pins. Even if you don’t work with fabrics, may may use it to sew on a button or even to embellish something. If you aren’t looking for a sewing kit, our wide selection of needles includes tapestry needles, embroidery, beading, chenille, darner’s, milliners, sashiko, doll, and quilting needles – and even twin pointed quick stitch needles. Make sure you also look at our needle cases and pebble packs for safe needle storage.

6. Threads

DMC Thread

As you all know, you can’t start a project without threads! Just to remind you we have a fabulous offer of  10 DMC stranded cottons for only £6.50! Shop here today and stock up!

7. Tape

Tape Cotton Tape

Whether if it is cotton tape or double sided basting tape, a roll of tape is something you should always keep at home.. You never know how handy it is! Crafters love using it to hold down projects or even to remove lint from a fabric. Double sided tape is great for many things. Especially for holding down embellishments.

8. Floor Frames and Stands

8" Seat Frame Lowery Workstand with Side Clamp - POWDER COATED SILVER GREY


A floor frame or stand will keep your work in the right place leaving your hands free to stitch stitch and sew. Choose from sleek, modern metal frames to traditional wooden stands. To demonstrate the features and how to make the most of your stand, see the videos we’ve created in the product descriptions.

9. Lamps and Lighting 

12 LED Floor Light and Magnifier

A complete range of lighting to sew, knit or craft by. From Daylight magnifying lamps to energy saving bulbs, tubes and accessories, you’ll be able to illuminate your work and see colours accurately.

10. Tape Measure

Prym Love Spring Tape Measure

This is a stylish tape measure from the Prym Love range.  Fancy adding a bit of colour and style to your sewing box? Well this is perfect for that. This tape measure is so pretty and is a must have in your sewing box.




Did we miss out any of your top 10 accessories? Tag us in some photos of your accessories by using the hashtag #SewandSo.

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