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modern-folk-embroidery-coverThe trend for folk art inspired embroidery designs goes on, and this collection of embroidery designs by leading designer, Nancy Nicholson, is the only book that takes a contemporary look at how folk art is influencing contemporary stitching.

Modern Folk Embroidery is stunning from start to finish. Nancy Nicholson is heavily inspired by Scandinavian and Eastern European motifs. Her designs are easy to follow whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced stitcher.

The book starts by showing you the basic embroidery stitches you will need to know to create the projects in the book. This is incredibly helpful because if like me, you are new to embroidery, you can refer back to these pages throughout your project.

Shall we take a look at the projects inside the book?

modern folk embroidery

Starting from the top left we can see Nancy’s ever-so-recognisable style. As she states in the book, ‘The urge to embellish and decorate the objects around us seems to be fundamental to who we are.’ The way Nancy embellishes and decorates her projects have made her the well-loved designer that she is. The felt doll is perfect for little hands. With embroidered detail, the doll’s dress is stunning and her hair is made of scrap bits of yarn.

On the middle row, we start with these two gorgeous applique pictures. These will add that little dash of folk inspiration to a room. You will only need to use only the smallest scraps to make the flowers. One of Nancy’s best-known designs, the bird, is so stunning and can be recreated in various sizes.

Modern Folk Embroidery

In the centre is the braid cushion. Nancy has called it such because of the embroidered felt brain that runs across the centre. Due to the braid the colours of the rest of the cushion give a nice contrasting effect. So, it will make the ultimate living room accessory. Something for your sewing room next with this gorgeous thread catcher. Decorated in that recognisable folk style it is the must have accessory. On the far left, there is also a geometric garland. This is perfect for decor around the house and for a festive folk style.

It’s not just homewares that Nancy can make stunning. The little dress on the bottom right is adorable, and any little girl would look ever-so-sweet in it. You can play around with the colours too if pink isn’t their colour. Finally, to add to your craft accessory stash, you will need a craft bag. And what could be better than a craft bag you have made and embroidered in the modern folk style.

This is just a few of the projects that are in this book. Nancy has filled Modern Folk Embroidery with 30 beautiful projects to make for the home. If you love Nancy Nicholson, you will LOVE this book!

Excitingly, we have some Nancy Nicholson kits which have now come into stock. They are in that typical Nancy style and we LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Here are a few of the kits we have to offer.


These embroidery kits and gorgeous are they not?! The design is printed on a cotton/ linen blend that you can then embroider over the top of.

There is this mischevious looking cat with the classic Nancy Nicholson bird perched on his head. Two little lovebirds staring into each others eyes and this lovely little bird, which looks a bit like a robin, with a floral boarder. The boarder will look lovely if you display the final piece in a hoop.

Pick up your Nancy Nicholson embroidery kits here

You can pre-order Modern Folk Embroidery now. Let us know what you make from the book by tagging us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram using #SewandSo

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