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Mini Patchwork Projects is the new book from Beth Studley, talented fabric, quilting and sewing pattern designer. It is full of wonderful little projects that are quick to make and perfect as gifts (or to keep for yourself because they are too lovely to give away).

A little bit of what you fancy - Beth Studley


All fabric used in the book is from Beth’s latest fabric range, Radiance. It is a wonderful mixture of vintage lace and crochet patterns with modern colour. We LOVE it.  Projects in the book use either patchwork or quilting or both. Each project tells you the difficulty rating and which techniques you need to be able to complete it such as: sewing darts, paper piecing and hand sewing. It shows you how to make 6 projects including a Picture Garland, which is perfect for your crafting inspiration, a handy Petalled Pin Cushion for all your sewing endeavours, and even somewhere to put your cup down – ideal as we pretty much have tea-on-tap through-out the UK.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the projects available in Mini Patchwork Projects

Natty Notebook Cover

Natty Notebook Cover - Mini Patchwork Projects - Beth Studley

This notebook cover is really clever as you can fasten it closed using any pen or pencil. Not only does it mean you can customise your notebook cover with your favourite writing utensil, it also increases the likelihood that you will have a pen to hand when you come to use your notebook! It is bright and colourful, using the Doodle Burst fabric on the cover and the Strippy Stripe fabric for the contrasting strap finishing off the project nicely. This project will make you want to get out your notebook every day.

Reversible Trinket Bowl

Reversible Trinket Bowl - Mini Patchwrk Projects - Beth Studley

These little trinket bowls are so so cute and also reversible. So, if you have two favourite fabrics from the range, you can use them both, and when you are bored of one, just give them a satisfying little flip to pop them inside out and look at the other one for a change. The image above uses, my personal favourite fabric from the collection, Lace in Teal and Star Flower. These bowls are super sturdy and hold their shape really well, so you wont ever have to worry about your trinkets falling out.

Petalled Pin Cushion

Petalled Pin Cushion - Mini Patchwork Projects - Beth Studley

Pretty and Practical – the essential combination for a perfect pin cushion. You can use a good mix of the Radiance fabric in this project to give a lovely contrasting effect. Each petal can be different, the top can differ from the bottom, there are so many choices. It has a difficulty rating of medium and the techniques required include using templates, hand sewing and sewing a Y-seam/inset seam. I would complete this project first, so that I could use and admire it whilst completing the rest of the projects in this fantastic book.

You can download Mini Patchwork Projects on our website now. Don’t forget to pick up some of Beth’s fabulous new fabric range, Radiance, to complete these wonderful little projects. We love seeing your projects so please share them with us by commenting below, on Facebook and on Instagram.




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