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Michaela Learner is a textile designer and author. She works extensively in the Embroidery and Cross Stitch field and her latest work can be found previewing on her Cross Stitching Guild Facebook page and Etsy Shop.

She has created a set of four stunning Mandala cross stitch patterns exclusively for SewandSo. We asked her to let us know her top tips for stitching one of these alluring kits.

I was thrilled to be asked to design a series of Mandalas. A purist will see one as a spiritual tool for meditation, but that’s a bit over my head I’m afraid. For me, they will always be about patterns and masses and masses of bright colours! I can’t imagine who wouldn’t relish the idea of messing around for a couple of days with an old-school drawing compass, some colouring pencils and graph paper creating fabulous patterns. You should really give it a go, it is oddly relaxing and therapeutic…..perhaps there is a spiritual side to me after all!

Michaela Learner

Railroad StitchesWhen it comes to making up your Mandala kit it’s the usual stitching advice.

  • Determine the centre of your fabric and the design and start stitching from the middle out.
  • Basics Outline
  • Try to use a hoop or frame whenever possible to minimise handling of the fabric.
  • If you want a super neat finish practice railroading your stitches where you pass the needle between the threads as you create the crosses. Seems a bit faffy at first but it’s well worth persevering with for the final effect.
  • Take your time and enjoy the process!

When you have completed stitching your Mandala you can simply display it in a fancy (or plain!) hoop or maybe frame it in a gorgeous ornate frame. Alternatively, you could stitch a whole bunch of them altering the colours to suit your preference and make a Mandala patchwork cushion………..or even a bedspread if you REALLY get into them!

Celtic Core Mandala Lotus Star Mandala Native Dreams Mandala Star Flower Mandala

Thanks Michaela for such a great guest blog. Some really useful tips there for completing the mandala. They are so mesmerising, aren’t they? You can get these exclusive kits in either kit or chart form. If you get the chart, maybe you could play with the colours a bit. We’d love to see what you do with them.

We would really love to see your finished projects. So please send us your pictures by commenting below or tagging us on social using #SewandSo

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