Meet Tine Nielsen from Little Happy Crochet

There are times when projects come into the office and everyone just gathers around. When the projects for Little Happy Circus came in, we did just that.

It was so much fun looking at all the characters from the circus and laying them out as if they were real performers. We got to catch up with the maker of these wonderful projects and author of Little Happy Circus, Tine Nielsen recently. Here is what she had to say.

Little Happy Crochet – that’s me!

Always with yarn within my reach, always wrapped in some sort of project. Always bent over yarn and hook, trying to make it work.

My name is Tine Nielsen and I’m 36 years old.

I am the designer and founder of Little Happy Crochet, the place where I make crochet patterns and books for stuffed animals.

I have crocheted for little over a decade now, and I love it as much now as I did when I started, maybe even more.

I take great pleasure in the process of making a new toy, actually, it’s the process that drives me. From the idea to a finished toy, from a thought to a sketch on a piece of paper. A crochet hook, a skein of yarn and just a little bit of imagination – it still amazes me all the things you can create with just that.

Little Happy Circus” was my first book and I had no experience what so ever on how to write a book. So how did I do it? I just tried my best, followed my gut and heart. I did it and I’m so proud of it, every single page of the book. And to have SewandSo making it possible for the book to become available worldwide, that’s even greater!!

Little Happy Circus

I simply can’t wait to see all of your Circus characters. Which one will be the first you start with?

I can’t choose one for my favourite.

Little Mr Bear was the first character for the book and the first one I sketched. He’s the one the rest of all the characters is built around.

If I have to choose, Little Yellow Lion, Mr Elephant Sleepyhead and the adorable ballerina are in my top 3.

Little Happy Circus

You can get your copy of Little Happy Circus at SewandSo now. Take a sneak peek inside below.

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