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We have something really fun and exciting to share with you. Hawthorn Handmade embroidery kits are now in store. *Insert happy face here*

Stephanie Hawthorn Handmade

If you have been to any of the major craft shows such as the Handmade Fair or watched Create and Craft TV you will have seen these designs. We caught up with Stephanie recently to find out more about her and her designs.

1 How long have you been creating these gorgeous embroidery designs?

We launched the first embroidery designs in August 2016, so not even a year ago yet! They were an instant success so we’ve worked hard to release new designs over the past 10 months.

2 Your embroidery style is instantly recognisable and so much fun, is that style something you started off with or has it evolved over time?

The original designs were based on a series of illustrations I’d been working on for about a year beforehand. I had spent many an hour doodling away creating intricate patterned designs but I hadn’t worked out what to do with them. It was my Mum who suggested they might work well as embroidery designs and after a lot of prototypes, mistakes and late night epiphanies the Bear was born. Once he was sorted, the other patterns were easily developed from my sketches. I still have the original six illustrations on the wall next to my desk as well as a few that haven’t been developed into embroidery worthy of patterns just yet… I also worked hard on choosing a bright and fun colour palette that runs through all of the designs and makes them really stand out.


3 How do you decide which animals you want to embroider?

We have a lot of love for British animals here at Hawthorn Handmade so we’re slowly working through all the wonderful creatures you might encounter both on land and in water. Alongside that, we do like to go a bit exotic (or just downright fantastical!) and we have even had a competition to choose a new animal – the winner chose a Puffin and this is now one of our best selling kits.

Hawthorn Handmade Puffin

4 My hands down favourite design is the puffin, do you have a favourite? 

Our brand new Seahorse has jumped to the top of my list, especially with the addition of the sparkly thread; but the original bear is always going to have a special place in my heart.


5 are you working on anything exciting at the moment? 

Two new animals are already planned (an Elephant and  Sea Turtle – so definitely on the exotic list!) but we’re always open to new suggestions and love to hear what people want to see.

6 Can you tell me a fun fact about yourself? 

I was the fastest 11 year old in the world on an indoor rowing machine. Random, but true!

These kits are absolutely amazing, perfect for beginners and avid stitchers alike. If you are new to embroidery, but like me, have fallen head over heels in love with them, you can check out our Stitch Library on YouTube or our top embroidery stitches on the blog, to help you on your way.

There is a big buzz about these kits in the office, I have already got my hands on the Puffin and have my eye on the Alpaca as well. Which Hawthorn Handmade kit will you get? Head over to the store to get yours now.

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