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We recently got to speak to Linda Ebright, owner and designer of Lizze Kate. We wanted to find out more about her and her lovely designs which are full of wonderful inspirational quotes.

Firstly, your collection is lovely, it is filled with so many inspirational quotes written in beautiful and colourful fonts, how do you find all of these quotes?

I find quotes everywhere. Sometimes stitchers forward me quotes that they like. I also find inspiration online and I try to watch hobby and decor trends. I’m always saving quotes I see here and there.

Never give up

You have a background in graphic design, do you think this helps you to lay out your designs better, especially when there is a lot of text involved?

I think the jobs I had before becoming a cross stitch designer really help me with my current career. I worked in newspaper layout and illustration, as well as print production. All of these jobs help me do what I do today. I also did handmade items to sell at craft fairs when my children were young. I didn’t realise at the time that all of these random skills would help me in my future career as a needlework designer.

How to be a mean mother

Have you cross-stitched your whole collection?

YES! I stitch all of my own models. I find that a lot of creativity occurs when you put needle and thread to a design. Sometimes things that look good on the computer and on paper just don’t translate well to stitchery. When I make changes in the design while stitching, I return to my computer to make changes there.

What is your favourite design you have created?

I usually like whatever I’m working on at the present time. I’m really excited about the upcoming SPOOKED! Mystery Sampler unveiling itself in summer 2016. The Things Unseen Mystery Sampler is also one of my favourite designs. The Promise Me Chartpack (pictured below) is also one of my favourite designs, and definitely a customer favourite, as well.

Promise me

Do you have anything exciting in the pipe-line?

SPOOKED! Mystery Sampler as described above. You can read all about it on the L*K blog. The mystery is revealed in 3 parts, one each in June, July and August . There are some design series that I do yearly that will be coming in summer 2016: Tiny Tidings XXI (a group of small Christmas designs) (see here for previous years Tiny Tidings), Santa ’16 (my yearly Santa Snippet) (See here for Santa ’15 design) and Flora McSample’s Christmas (group of small Christmas designs with sampler-look) (See here for 2015 collection).

Lastly, can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

You saved the hardest question until last. I think the thing that surprises my friends is that I love to play the piano. I took lessons as child – like everyone else I knew – but I kept playing. Now I love to play for relaxation and also the mental challenge. I listen to a lot of classical music while I work. If I hear something I like that I think I might be able to play, I order in the sheet music and give it a try. Right now I’m working my way through Mendelssohn’s Songs Without Words and more Chopin Nocturnes and Waltzes.

We have so many beautiful Lizzie Kate designs on our website with plenty more to come so get stitching your way through the collection. Share your creations with us on Facebook, Twitter and tag us on Instagram.

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