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Helen Phillips author picDSC6011Helen Philipps is a multi talented crafter, designer and author of several best selling books. Having just released her inspiring new book, Modern Vintage Gifts, which is full of gorgeous projects to make you smile and have fun, we thought we would catch up with her to find out more about her exciting new release, and any UFOs she might be working on!

 What was your inspiration for the projects in Modern Vintage Gifts

The projects for Modern Vintage Gifts were inspired by the things I love… colourful fabrics, traditional quilt blocks, vintage toys, French and Scandinavian style, home making and hand making pretty things for the sheer pleasure of crafting and creating.

Does the fabric selection or project design come first?

I usually have a project in mind and then choose the fabrics for it. But sometimes a gorgeous fabric will spark an idea for a new project as soon as I see it.

Which designers inspire you to create? 

Many artists and designers have inspired my work – from early quilters with their quaintly named blocks to the exciting fabric house designers with their deliciously colourful new ranges of quilting cottons… of my favourites at the moment is Holly Holderman of Lakehouse Dry Goods.

Which blogs do you follow?

I read a huge number of blogs so it is hard to choose but here are a few of my favourites: Heart Handmade UK, Red Pepper Quilts, A Quilting Life, Madelief, and Haken en Meer.

Who taught you to sew?

My mother taught me how to sew – she is a wonderful seamstress. I learnt to do patchwork from a school friend’s older sister, and when I studied Textile Design at uni I learnt all kinds of embroidery and patchwork techniques.

You are a multi talented crafter – what’s your favourite craft?

Probably my all time favourite craft is English paper pieced patchwork and hand applique…..and my new fave is crochet.

Have you got any current unfinished objects (UFOs) you are working on?

Hmm…..yes, just a few! I am working on the following: hand quilting a quilt, epp’ing another quilt, crocheting some tiny granny squares, sewing a pillow, making some rabbits for gifts and knitting a sweater……(besides all the work projects in the pipeline).

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