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Nel WhatmoreNel Whatmore is an artist and designer well known for her floral paintings, landscapes and abstracts. We are thrilled that Nel has translated her gorgeous paintings into a fabric collection, Ghost and that SewandSo are now stocking it.

We recently caught up with Nel to find out more about her and how the chance to create a fabric range came to be.

I think I am just a person who has a busy brain and also likes change a lot so the opportunity to design fabric was a new challenge and an exciting one so I leapt at the chance. I find learning new things stimulating and can almost feel it making my brain work harder. I gather from research now it’s also very good to learn new and different things to help stave off dementia , so hey there’s a very good reason to always just say “yes” and have a go!

My first love has to be painting, as I have done that for over 30 years, the other things I do, like designing fabric and sewing or my new love, pottery, are just added strings to my creative bow, that often feed back into my painting, like the leaves on a tree.

Ghost my most recent collection comes out of that love of trying new things as with my painting, I like to surprise people and for them not always to get what they are expecting. For instance when they come to an exhibition sometimes it’s florals other times landscapes with a sprinkling of abstracts too.

I really wanted people to make quilts from Ghost out of one colourway rather than mixing them up. I liked the idea of the palette being within one colour range. I’d love to see what people make given this one restriction. So that is a challenge for your readers. I will give away a nice goody bag to the most interesting winner !! The impression of feathers and leaves on pavements fascinated me as a child, like ghostly natural prints, ethereal and a reminder of nature and its’ impression on man made surfaces.

Life is always busy here , I do not know what it is to be bored as I always have a list too long and it’s always growing. Being creative is very important to me and through running The New Pastel School with my very good friend Rebecca de Mendonca, as well as doing talks to quilting groups and getting to know the wonders of that world too, I have seen how much being creative brings to so many people. I particularly like hand sewing as I find it quite meditative and I can also do it in front of the telly, which is handy, so that I don’t spend my entire day alone! My hubby is a writer and he writes at the bottom off the house and my studio is on the top floor, there’s a floor in-between which he is grateful of particularly, as he wants silence to work and I  like music or the radio!

I love colour and hope that comes across in my collections as I find it can have such an amazing influence on our lives. I know that when our daughter polly was poorly recently every time I went into hospital I felt a need to wear bright colours to some how help us all get through it. You can see the pink jacket I wore ( a lot!)  on the charity page I have on my website. We were overwhelmed with the support we had in raising money for the Teenage Cancer Trust and The PPR Brain Tumour Foundation while Polly was poorly, and I felt it was important to keep doing that, even though, she is thankfully currently in remission. So I often put new little things from my studio, both paintings, fabric and sewing bits and pieces to continue that support. If you would like to have a look see please go to

We are so happy to see Nel’s beautiful paintings on fabric so we can start creating lots of wonderful projects with Ghost? What will you make and will you take up Nel’s one colourway challenge?

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