Meet Rachel and Kenny from Rachel’s of Greenfield

Rachel Pellman #23Rachel’s of Greenfield is a little company from Lancaster, Pennsylvania that is a source of some irresistible punch needle embroidery, ornaments and wall quilt kits.

When Rachel Pellman started Rachel’s of Greenfield 23 years ago, she and her husband Kenny cut fabric on their dining room table.  They also folded and inserted the fabric into kits.  It was a late night effort! Two years later, Kenny joined Rachel fulltime.

More than two decades later, Rachel and Kenny still cut all the fabric. Every piece, for every kit, since Rachel started her company. (WOW) The only difference is now they cut the fabric in a barn behind their house.  And all of Rachel’s kits are assembled by a local vocational training facility, employing people with physical and intellectual disabilities.

Rachel Pellman #12

All of the kits in the Rachel’s of Greenfield’s collection are Rachel’s original designs.  Rachel draws the designs, writes the instructions, and chooses the fabrics.  After writing the instructions and patterns, Rachel makes the quilts and ornaments, following her patterns and instructions to ensure they are accurate and precise.

Let’s have a look at some of the new wall quilt kits we have in store. 

Rachel's Of Grrenfield Rachels of GreenfieldRachel's Of Greenfield

You get a real feeling for the area in which these kits are made, just by looking at them. That traditional homestead style is so evident and that is why these are so popular! The Little Angel is surrounded by a border of hearts, leaves, and stars. It’s a lovely Christmas accent but its colour combinations make it appropriate all year round. A quartet of sturdy little houses creates a friendly village in this perky wall quilt. The clean, crisp lines of the blue houses on a white ground are complemented by the angles of the precise sawtooth border. Mother Hen looks on with pride as three roly-poly chicks dance around the nest. A fourth chick, exhausted from the ruckus, reclines on Mama’s tail feathers. Bright chicken print fabric borders this happy family.

Spotty CatA few more tidbits about Rachel’s of Greenfield –

  • They have sent kits to wholesale accounts in more than 30 countries
  • They have cut more than 75 miles of muslin
  • They have cut more than 100 miles of gold string for ornaments
  • Rachel’s workroom is in a former bedroom in their house
  • Rachel and Kenny share an office in another 2nd-floor room in their house
  • When Rachel started her business their sons were 10 and 12 years old.  Now their grandchildren are 3, 4, 5 and 6!

Look at that Spotty Cat! He looks ever so fed-up surrounded by laughing mice!!

It is clear that a lot of love goes into every kit that Rachel’s of Greenfield produce. We know that you will love creating the kits just as much. The only question really, is which quilt will you make first?

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