Meet Lydia Tresselt from Lalylala

You will have seen Lydia’s amigurumi patterns online at some point. Her signature Lalylala style is known all around the world. Lydia has released a new book, Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies which is available to pre-order now.

We recently caught up with Lydia to find out more about her, her book and her awesome amigurumi patterns.

  1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi, my name is Lydia, I’m a crochet enthusiast, notorious yarn buyer, chief of the Lalylala amigurumi tribe and elected head of the State of Lalylaland. One of my most impressive skills is to crochet while walking.

Wool, books and music on vinyl occupy the most space in my home. I’m a fan of chocolate-vanilla ice cream and I love classic horror movies. I’m a collector of snail shells (just one of many obsessive collections) and my friends say my head is filled with motley plasticine and confetti – the proof of this daring theory is still pending.

  1. When did you start crocheting amigurumi patterns?

Back in 2012, when my brother told me that I’ll become an aunt to a little girl, I wanted to give her a very special friend right from the start … someone who’s brave and always on her side.

So I dived deep down into my yarn stash and found a perfect little ball of brown tweed with funny colourful spots matching so nice for a cuddly bear-ish fellow. That’s how the idea for the very first doll – BINA the bear – was born.

Some doodles, days of trial and error, uncountable miles of crocheted yarn and multiple cramps later the bear finally looked like I wanted that he looks like – with long arms to give many hugs and a body even baby-hands can easily grab and with a stylish hood, of course, because he’s a native Berlin Kreuzberg bear.

  1. What is your favourite pattern from the book (if that isn’t too hard to choose?!)

I love all of them. Each character has got its very unique charm, but if I had to decide which one to take with me as a companion onto a lonely island, I’d choose the snail. Maybe because I can’t resist to pick up every snail shell that comes my way, or maybe because I like the idea that a snail always takes his home with him wherever he goes.

  1. Where did you get the idea to create a story with patterns to go along with it?

I’ve always written little stories for my amigurumi. This is one of the very fun parts of making toys. You can build up an entire world around them, you can make them become whoever you want and you are free to let them make any experience you want.

Also inventing stories and telling fairy tales is exactly what children do when they play. They put their toys into a fantasy world where everything is possible and doing this they totally entering this incredible world too. This is how a toy becomes real and after countless adventures, some of these little guys even become a friend for life.

They comfort you when your parents forbid you from using your sister’s skipping rope for a bungee jump from the high sleeper bed. They are with you when your sandbox love – after an eternity of 2 weeks – suddenly gets soppy on your best friend. They bravely withstand when your own toothless children chew on their limbs. They just make you happy and that’s part of their story!

5. Are you working on anything exciting that you can tell us about at the moment?

I’m always working on anything. Of course, all of it is top secret  😉 ! But this is what I can chat out:

I plan to expand the microcosm of little bugs from‚ Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies‘. There are many other little beasts waiting to join the characters from the book and not every story is already told yet.

I’m also working on a new music box toy and there are some sketches for new series of amigurumi in my notebook that literally scream at me to be made. Oh, and then I try to find a way to let me grow another pair of arms to just even got a chance to turn all the ideas into crochet

6. Can you tell us 5 fun facts about yourself?

  • I often forget about my age and have to count whenever someone asks how old I am.
  • I avoid sewing whenever I can. I sew by hand because I totally fail to use a sewing machine properly – it’s just too fast for me.
  • I try to teach myself to play the Ukulele.
  • I make lists for everything and then I forget about them.
  • Whenever I find a beetle, snail or earthworm crossing a dangerous street or sidewalk, I turn into my bug-rescuer alter ego and carry them over streets to a safer place.
Isn’t Lydia’s workspace a thing of beauty
Take a sneak peek inside the book by clicking on the cover below.

You can pre-order your copy of Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies at sewandSo now. Next on our Crochet Toys Blog hop is Tine Neilsen, author of Little Happy Circus. View our full blog hop schedule here.

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