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We’ve been lucky enough to have quilting genius Mandy Shaw in our studio spreading her wisdom and teaching us how to make her stunning new quilt affectionately named Sew with Love.

Mandy has such enthusiasm for quilting, you instantly want to jump in and start making a king size quilt, gripped by her every word.  In the video that will come with your quilt kit, Mandy will guide you through each quilt block, giving you time-saving techniques and top tips so you can achieve this totally gorgeous quilt in no time at all. Mandy has written a guest blog for us all about her love of quilting and how she found the craft. So grab a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy!

Mandy ShawI love making things, I describe myself as ‘a maker of all things lovely’ I have sewn and created all of my life and am passionate about my home and family which gives me all the inspiration I need to craft. I do not like having the same things as other people and strive to be individual and different and the only way this can work is if you make your own things. I am inspired by what is in fashion but love to give it a ‘Mandy’ twist.

It was inevitable that quilting would one day find me and when it did it was love at first site. As a newly married I attempted my first log cabin using scraps, it was not very accurate and I made it so big that it would have been impossible to quilt it. It wasn’t until I started a part-time job in a local craft shop that we meet and after a short course with Lorna Dakin, a local patchwork guru, that I had found my real love.

I love lots of styles of fabric, modern, vintage, floral, novelty, but I return time and time again to reds, denim, blues, creams, checks, dots and ditsy traditional prints, all quite dingy. I can then go really off piste and use whites and pinks quite a fresh look. Definitely two sides to this Gemini!

I love quilts to tell a story and applique is my best and favourite technique. I love LOVE mixing hand blanket stitch with machine blanket stitch using unusual threads in the machine to give a hand look. I add lots of detail to my pictures with the hand quilting at the end.

Mandy Shaw Sew with Love


Sew with Love QuiltI can’t wait to share with you all the things I learnt over the years. I am great at breaking rules and then making up my own. I have unusual techniques that give you easy and quick results. I love teaching and sharing. I have a workshop full of samples, let alone what is in my head, to inspire and create.

As a dedicated crafter I have made all sorts of things over the years, but once settled on textiles, bags, dolls, quilts, clothes, and soft furnishing I was totally hooked. The smell and feel of my fabric collection and my stash of quilts old and new give me such a thrill. There will always be something to learn from other textile experts, it might be something really simple or a huge revelation at our finger-tips, are not we the lucky ones?

Thanks so much Mandy for writing that for us. Are you hooked? I know we are! We have a little snippet of Mandy’s tutorial we wanted to share with you. In this short clip, she teaches you how to make the Flying Geese block featured in the quilt.


You can get your hands on the Sew with Love quilt kit, which includes an online tutorial with Mandy, in store now.

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