How to Make a Yarny Basket

Ooh, we love crochet and we love t shirt yarn and we have the perfect project which combines both: our Yarny Basket!

This is one of the many irresistible projects in brand new book Beginner’s Guide to Crochet by author and crochet expert Sarah Shrimpton aka Annaboos House. Sarah is a very talented crochet designer and a brilliant teacher ( her job in her previous life) so she’s the perfect person to explain how to crochet to the absolute novice.


The Yarny Basket is one of our favourite projects in the whole book. It is made using yarn-of-the-moment t shirt yarn so it works up good and quick. T shirt yarn also has the added benefit of being chunky so it’s very easy to see where your stitches are and where you need to work into.

The pattern for the basket is super simple and even the handle shaping – which looks as though it’s tricky – is actually very simple to do, genius! If you’re wondering how to make a yarny basket, to help you on your way we have created a video tutorial explaining every stitch of the process.

This beginner-friendly video will teach you the magic ring method of starting crochet in the round, then show you how to increase the base of the basket, crochet through the back loops only to create a ridge around the base and then how to work up the sides and finally shape the handles. You can see  a preview of the video below.

You can find this, and plenty of other amazing projects, in the book Beginner’s Guide to Crochet and you can find lots more beginner crochet content on Sarah’s You Tube channel here. Good luck with your basked and let us know how you get get on.



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