Bow Make-Up Bag Pattern

If you’re fed up of having your lippy and mascara loose in your handbag, this handy make-up bag pattern by Marion Elliott is the perfect solution. As well as storing your make-up, it’s just the right size to double up as an evening purse!

bow make up bag pattern

You Will Need:

Bow Make Up Bag Pattern Instructions

1. Using the pattern, cut a purse front and back from the main bag fabric and two linings from your lining fabric. Iron the interlining to the reverse of the front and back.

2. Take the  fabric strips, and press under and machine hem the long sides. Machine one end of each tie to the sides of the purse front. Hem the free ends. Stitch along the middle of each tie for 11cm (4 3/8in) from the side of the purse front. Tie the ends in a bow.

3. Pin the top of the purse front, face down, to the upper edge of the zip, lining up the raw edge with the top of the zip. Tack (baste) in place. Pin the top of the purse back to the lower edge of the zip as before and tack (baste).

4. Machine stitch the zip in place; remove the tacking (basting). Place the purse right side up. Attach the zipper foot. Open the zip halfway, then stitch along both sides of the zip, close to the turned edge.

5. Pin the purse front and back together, with right sides facing, pinning a ribbon loop between the side seams, pointing in. Machine stitch leaving the top edge open. Press open seams.

6. Press corners flat, aligning base and side seams. Measure in 2cm (¾in) at either side and stitch vertically across the corners; trim.Turn through. Repeat to make lining. Insert lining into the purse and slip stitch in place just below zip.

What do you think of this bow make up bag pattern? Let us know in the comments below!

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