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Fat Quarterly Split Links quilt

This split links quilt couldn’t be easier to make and is perfect for exploring colour theories, as explained in Fat Quarterly’s latest book, Quilt Colour Workshop. Seven assorted green solids have been used for the main colour and, for visual interest, these can include textures, tone-on-tone prints and other patterns. Try combining contrasting colours for a dramatic effect!

Quilt Colour WorkshopYou Will Need:

  • ½yd each of seven assorted green solids

½yd in total of red-orange and red-violet prints

  • 1yd of a solid neutral fabric
  • 5yd of backing fabric
  • 80in x 88in of wadding (batting)

  • ?yd of binding fabric
  • Finished size: 72in x 80in (183cm x 203cm)

    How to Make the Split Links Quilt…

    Cutting Instructions

    From the assorted green solids cut: 126 strips 4½in x 8½in.
    From the red-orange/red-violet prints cut: eighteen strips 4½in x 8½in.
    From the neutral solid cut: seventy-two squares 4½in.
    From the binding fabric cut: eight strips 2½in x width of fabric.

    Make the Blocks
    Fat Quarterly Split Links quilt1.?Each block is made from six green strips, one red-orange or red-violet strip and four white squares. Sew two different green strips together along the 4½in edge. Sew a white 4½in square to both ends of this strip (Fig 1). Repeat to make two strip units measuring 4½in x 24½in.

    Fat Quarterly Split Links quilt2.?Sew a green strip to both short sides of a red-violet or red-orange 4½in x 8½in strip. This strip measures 4½in x 24½in and is the centre strip of the block. Sew the three strips together as shown in Fig 2 to make a block measuring 12½in x 24½in (unfinished). Repeat to make eighteen blocks.

    Fat Quarterly Split Links quiltAssemble the Quilt Top
    3.?Group the blocks into nine sets of two blocks. Sew each pair together along the 24½in edge to make nine blocks 24½in square (Fig 3).

    4.?Lay out the blocks in a 3 x 3 grid with alternate blocks rotated 90 degrees (Fig 4). Sew the blocks together in rows, pressing the seams in Fat Quarterly Split Links quiltalternate rows in opposite directions. Sew the rows together and press.

    5.?To make the top and bottom border strips sew together nine green strips along the short edges to make a continuous strip 4½in x 72½in. Repeat with the nine remaining green strips. Sew the strips to the top and bottom of the quilt top (Fig 5).

    Finish the Quilt
    6.?Layer the quilt top, wadding (batting) and backing fabric and tack (baste) in place. Quilt as desired.Fat Quarterly Split Links quilt

    7.?Join the eight binding strips together end to end to make a continuous strip and use this to bind the quilt.

    This split links quilt project has been excerpted from Quilt Colour Workshop by Fat Quarterly. The quilt shown was quilted by Diane Heerema.


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