Make your own Scandinavian Style Tree Decorations

These traditional red and white Christmas tree decorations are perfect for bringing a Scandinavian style to your home this year. Made with Hama beads, (also known as fuse beads) these lovely Christmas decorations are inexpensive, accessible and versatile, making them a perfect crafting medium for adults and kids alike. Follow the tutorial below and find out how to decorate your home in true Scandinavian style…

Scandinavian Style

Excerpted from Craft it with Hama Beads 

You Will Need

  • Midi fuse beads in red and white (5mm)
  • 29 x 29 bead pegboard
  • Red and white embroidery thread
  • Darning Needle
  • 0.6cm x 12cm (1/4In x 5in) red ribbon

Creating a design

Simply add the corresponding colour beads to the pegboard following the designs below. Each square on the chart represents one bead on the board.

Red Hama Bead Designs

Scandinavian Style Scandinavian Style

White Hama Bead Designs

Scandinavian Style Scandinavian Style


1. Place ironing paper over your finished design on the pegboard, ensuring all the beads are completely covered.

2. Set your iron to high and when it reaches the required temperature, iron the paper while keeping the iron level. As the beads start to melt, they will appear darker through the paper, which means they are ready. Ensure you have ironed all the beads, paying attention to the edges or any areas that are only attached by one bead to make sure they are well fused.

3. Carefully peel off one edge of the paper to check that all the beads have been fused. If any beads have been missed, lay the paper back down and apply further heat to those areas. Lift the paper off to reveal the fused design.

4. After ironing, the beads will remain hot for a short while, so be careful when handling. The longer the beads are ironed, the more they will spread so be sure to check before you go crazy with the iron and lose all your holes!

Making Up

1. On the heart and star designs, after ironing add another bead to the centre top of each design, by fusing once more without using the peg board. This allows a bead to be added in the centre for hanging.

2. Using embroidery thread, stitch the designs onto the decorations by following the charts above.

3. Fold the ribbon in half and pass the folded end through the top bead of the decoration to create a loop. Pass the ends of the ribbon through the loop and pull up. Tie the loose ends together in a secure knot and your Scandinavian style decoration is ready to be hung up!

Scandinavian StyleBrimming with traditional red and white vibes, these Scandinavian style decorations will look lovely hung all over the house! Find out how to make more simple crafts with Craft it with Hama Beads ebook.

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