How to Make a Rag Doll Everything You Need to Know!

Would you like to know how to make a rag doll but you’re not sure if it’s beyond your sewing abilities? Then fear not! We have created the ultimate rag doll sewing kit with EVERYTHING you need to make the perfect rag doll!

We know that lots of you have fallen for the gorgeous dolls in the book My Rag Doll but also that you’ve struggled to make your dolls with the instructions in the book which are very much aimed at the intermediate to advanced sewer. Therefore, we’ve listened to your concerns and created a kit which shows you exactly how to make a rag doll and includes a fantastic video tutorial showing you how to tackle the trickier parts of the doll such as the foot and the head.My Rag Doll

We’ve enlisted sewing expert Emily Levey to help us create a detailed video sewing lesson to guide you through every stage of making the doll. In this 30-minute video lesson you will learn how to lay out and cut out the pattern pieces, how to sew the body and head of the rag doll including sewing the gathers on the head, how to sew the limbs and construct the feet and how to bring all the parts together into a beautiful finished rag doll. Emily also demonstrates the process of adding the doll’s hair and embroidering the face, so that you can sew a rag doll with confidence.






The ‘super kit’ includes the video lesson alongside the print and ebook, and all the materials you’ll need to make the basic doll. You can then rifle through your own scrap stash to create a wardrobe of pretty clothes and accessories for your doll using the patterns in the book, how much fun does that sound!! The kit also comes in four different hair colour combinations so you can customise it.





You can find the My Rag Doll Sewing Video Kit here. Do let us know how you get on with your rag doll whether it’s Cynthia, Ingrid, Melissa or Bel – you can leave a comment or post photos of your handmade dolls, sewn toys and clothes on our Facebook page. We love to see your makes!



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