How to Make Paper Baubles – Easy Christmas Decorations!

How to make paper baubles

Quick and simple to make, paper decorations add a wonderful touch to any Christmas decor. Learn how to make paper baubles in this quick tutorial, and then have fun making them in as many different colours and patterns as you can find!

For each bauble you will need:

• 4 paper strips, 26cm long x 2cm wide

• Hole punch

• 2 paper fasteners

• Cotton thread for hanging


How to make paper baubles:

1. Stack up the four paper strips on top of each other.

2. Punch a hole through the centre of the stack of strips and at 0.5 cm from each end.

3. Thread a paper fastener through the centre hole.

4. Fold the strips round in a circle and thread another paper fastener through the hole where the ends meet.

5. Separate the strips to make a ball shape.

6. Tie a piece of cotton thread around one of the paper fasteners and make a loop for hanging.

How to Make Paper Baubles

These paper Christmas decorations are just lovely and you’ll have fun making them too. We think they would look rather lovely in the latest Tilda papers! There are so many lovely papers in the Sweetheart and Autumn Tree ranges that you could use (though these would make smaller baubles as they are only 15 x 15cm).

Tilda Sweetheart Paper Pad Tilda Autumn Tree Paper Pad

What papers would you use for these baubles? Let us know in the comments below or share your creations with us on our Facebook page.

Handmade Scandinavian ChristmasHow to Make Paper Baubles was excerpted from the book Handmade Scandinavian Christmas. If you enjoyed this project, why not take a look at inside, for more fun projects and ideas?

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