Magical Cross Stitch Kits That Are Spellbinding

20 years ago today Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was released. Since then, Potter fandom has taken over the craft community and the world!

To celebrate such a momentous occasion and my love for Harry Potter, I wanted to share my favourite magical cross stitch kits we have to offer.

1 Shannons Magic Chart Book

magical cross stitch

Doesn’t she look enchanting? Sat by the fire with her black cat on her lap as if she has cast her spell and is waiting for the results to unfold. This chart book by Mystic Stitch is the perfect design to start our magic list.

2 Stan The Wizard and the Magic Castle

magical cross stitch

Stan the Wizard has a wise Dumbledore look about him, doesn’t he? Like he would defend his castle no matter the cost.

3 Witch Way Cross Stitch Kit

magical cross stitch

This gorgeous kit from Mill Hill features a Witch flying across the night sky. Beads and embellishments give this design the added sparkle of the nights’ sky. You can also purchase a matching frame so you can hang this kit for all to enjoy.

4 Dragon Castle Cross Stitch

magical cross stitch

This design is worked using only black and gold threads on 14 count hand dyed Aida fabric which creates a magical backdrop to the finished piece. The silhouette creates an air of mystery to the kit that makes me want to stitch it straight away.

5 Cut Thru’ Magic School

magical cross stitch

Check out all the mystery and mischief taking place from room to room in the Magic School. Dragons breathing fire, students riding broomsticks and hidden treasures are all to be found here. Can you find the hidden snail in the design too?

 6 Forest Dragon Cross Stitch Kit

magical cross stitch

Is it a Hungarian Horntail or a Norwegian Ridgeback, I can’t be sure! This striking dragon is to be stitched on a printed background to create a magical portrait to enjoy for all fantasy fans.

7 White Owl Cross Stitch Kit

magical cross stitch

Is that Hedwig flying through the sky? This stunning White Owl design is stitched on black Aida making this incredible bird even more striking!

8 Wizard Cross Stitch Kit

magical cross stitch

I wonder what spells this wizard is conjuring up? It looks like all the planets are aligning behind. The kit contains Mill Hill glass beads and button to add that extra magical touch to the design. You can also purchase a matching frame so you can hang this kit for all to enjoy.

Which is your favourite magical cross stitch kit and what spells will you be casting to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the start of one of the best book franchises in the world.



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