Made From Recycled Materials | No-Sew Basket Laundry Bag

Upcycling ProjectsThe inspiration for this no-sew laundry basket made from recycled pajamas came from traditional coiled baskets. The strips made from pajamas are simply wrapped around a thick rope, and the wrapped rope is coiled into a spiral. The pajama strips intermittently wrap around two thicknesses of rope to attach each new coil to the spiral. Dabs of hot glue secure the strip ends. This project is easy enough for children to help with, and just the thing to keep their rooms organized.


You Will Need: Finished size: 15″ × 12″ (38cm × 30cm)

4-5 adult-sized knit pajama bottoms

Approximately 150′ (46m) of ¼” (6mm) rope (use whatever you have on hand, just make sure it’s completely dry)

Glue gun and glue sticks

Upcycling ProjectsStep 1 Cut the waist elastic, pockets and leg hems off the pajama bottoms. Cut the pajamas into 1″ (3cm) vertical strips.





Upcycling ProjectsStep 2 To begin the coil, hot glue the end of a pajama strip to the end of the rope. Wrap the strip around the rope about nine times, making sure that the fabric lays fl at and smooth. Form the end of the wrapped rope into a tight spiral, and use a few drops of hot glue to anchor it in place.



Step 3 To build on this beginning, you’ll need to connect the newly wrapped rope to the coil by looping the pajama strip around the coil directly beneath it. Wrap the rope three more times and then repeat the looping. Be sure the rope is completely concealed in fabric before and after the strip loops through the coil.


Upcycling ProjectsStep 4 When you run out of fabric, hot glue another strip over the end and continue wrapping, coiling and looping. Try to distribute different prints and colors throughout the hamper.




Upcycling ProjectsStep 5 When your coil reaches 12″ (30cm) in diameter, begin stacking the newly wrapped rope over the last row. This marks the transition to building up the sides of the hamper.





Upcycling ProjectsStep 6 Use the same wrapping technique to layer the rope on top of itself to create and build the sides.







Upcycling ProjectsStep 7 Once your hamper is 11″ (28cm) high, you need to work handles into the top. To do this, simply wrap the fabric strip that your working with around 5″ (13cm) of the rope without passing the fabric strip into the coiled sides. Return to the established pattern, stopping to make another 5″ (13cm) wrapped rope section on the opposite side of the basket. From here on, continue wrapping and coiling until you’ve made six rows above your handle.


Upcycling Projects

Step 8 Once you’ve reached the end, cut off the rope. Then trim the fabric strip ¼” (6mm) from the end of the rope and glue the fabric strip over the rope end.

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