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Quilts from the House of Tula PinkWe LOVE Tula Pink, and this cushion pattern will show you why. She is famous for her fabric designs and her modern quilt techniques. Her designs are very fun and fresh including this adorable lollipop cushion pattern. These little lollipops are so sweet they might actually give you a toothache.



FINISHED CUSHION SIZE:  45.7cm × 45.7cm (18″ × 18″)

To make this cushion pattern you will need:Cushion Project

  • Assorted fabrics: 1?4 yard (0.2m) total
  • (Scraps work best—the more variety the better!) See our Tula Pink Fabric Range!
  • Base: 5/8 yard (0.6m)
  • Backing: 5/8 yard (0.6m)
  • 3 different size self covered buttons
  • Chalk pen
  • Contrasting thread

From base fabric, cut:

  • (1) 19″ (48.3cm) square

From backing fabric, cut:

  • (1) 19″ × 101?2″ (48.3cm × 26.7cm) rectangle
  • (1) 19″ × 151?2″(48.3cm × 39.4cm) rectangle

All seams are 1?4″ (6mm) unless otherwise noted.

Making the Front
1 Fold the base square in half and press (Figure A).

2 Open the base square and fold in half the other way. Press (Figure B).

3 Open the base square (Figure C). Use the point where the two fold lines intersect as your centerLollipop Cushion Project Closeuppoint. With your chalk pencil, draw three lines in each quadrant from the center point out (Figure D). Each line should be 5″(12.7cm) to 8″ (20.3cm) long.

4 You will be using your contrasting thread and sewing machine like a drawing tool. Beginning at the center point, sew up the first line and back to the center point.

5 Continue sewing up and then down each line, including the fold lines, until you have “drawn” in each of the sixteen lines on the pillow top (Figure E).

6 Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to cover all of your buttons with your chosen fabric.

7 First, evenly disperse and sew the large (17?8″ [4.8cm]) buttons, centering each on the chosen
sewn line (Figure F).

8 Evenly disperse and sew all but one of the medium (5?8″ [16mm]) buttons, centering each on the chosen sewn line. Sew the remaining medium button on the center point of the pillow (Figure G).9 Evenly disperse and sew all the small (3?8″ [10mm]) buttons, centering each on the chosen sewn line (Figure H).
Making the Back
10 On the bottom edge of the 19″ × 101?2″ (48.3cm × 26.7cm) piece, fold in (towards the wrong side of the fabric) 1?2″ (13mm), press, then fold in again 1?2″ (13mm) and press. This piece should now measure 19″ × 91?2″(48.3cm × 24.1cm).

11 Sew the edge of the fold (Figure I).

12 Repeat steps 9 and 10 to hem the top edge ofthe 19″ × 151?2″ (48.3cm × 39.4cm) piece. This piece should now measure 19″ × 141?2″ (48.3cm × 36.8cm).

13 Place the 19″ × 141?2″ (48.3cm × 36.8cm) piece right sides together with the pillow top, the hemmed edge 2″ (5.1cm) down from the pillow top and raw edges aligned (Figure J).

14 Place the 19″ × 91?2″ (48.3cm × 24.1cm) piece right sides together with the pillow top, raw edges aligned (Figure K).

15 Pin around the edges to hold all three pieces together.

16 Using a 1?2″ (13mm) seam, sew around all four sides of the pillow (Figure L).

17 Trim excess backing.

18 Trim each corner at a 45-degree angle to ease the fullness and allow for sharp corners.

19 Turn right sides out by pulling the pillow top through the opening in the back.

20 Topstitch 1?4″ (6mm) in from the pillow edge around all four sides. Stuff with a pillow to finish!


lollipop cushion by Tula Pink

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