Little Happy Circus | Sneak peek

Roll up, Roll up! Come and take a sneak peek inside the happiest circus in the world, Little Happy Circus.

This marvellous amigurumi book, Little Happy Circus is by Tine Neilsen of Little Happy Crochet. It includes a circus ringleader, strong man, lion and all the circus animals you would expect to see. You can even crochet popcorn for the audience to enjoy! There are 12 fun characters to crochet in total.

You will need a basic knowledge of amigurumi to complete the patterns but there is a really helpful guide in the beginning of the book which includes changing colours, joining and assembling. There aren’t any crazy stitches in these patterns however and stitches are explained in the beginning of the book, so it’s easy to pick up.

Let’s take a look at some of the characters in the book, shall we?

Little Happy Circus

Starting from top left going clockwise: First up we have Shiny Miss Horse. She brings shine and colour to the circus and loves fringes, feathers and fireworks! Mr Sleepyhead Elephant looks very tired, doesn’t he? It’s not that he finds the circus boring, he just loves a nap! Although Lions are usually fearsome creatures, Little Yellow Lion is a gentle guy who just wants a cuddle and to be scratched behind the ears. Mr Happy Circus is the ringleader, he likes to welcome everyone to the happiest circus in the world. Mr Strong doesn’t just use his strength in the circus ring. He is always on hand to help erect the big circus tent before a show. The Adorable Ballerina balances on a wire high in the tent. She is so happy, she loves being in the Little Happy Circus.

Little Happy Circus is such a fun book I know you will all love it. Pre-order your copy now and you will get a copy of the eBook for FREE!

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