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When you hear the word Liberty, what do you think of? As for me, I think of quality, colour, and delicate floral prints. Read on to learn more about timeless Liberty of London fabric and what to make with it…

With Alice Garrett’s gorgeous new book Little Lady Liberty arriving soon, I thought it was about time to talk about the fabric featured in all her stunning projects.

Liberty of London have a vast archive of delectable fabrics, all printed on impossibly soft and fine 100% cotton. Alice’s website Alice Caroline is absolutely teeming with irresistibly delicate designs, and the sweet projects in Little Lady Liberty are their perfect match.

5 things you need to know about Liberty of London fabric

liberty of london fabric

1. Liberty of London was founded by Arthur Lasenby Liberty in 1875

Arthur Liberty remained a guiding force behind Liberty of London’s success until his death in 1917. He travelled extensively in the East, and it’s safe to say his experiences abroad provided inspiration for his design and development back in England.

2. Art Nouveau was sometimes referred to as Stile Liberty in Italy

Arthur Liberty’s support of English designers (such as Archibald Knox) helped develop the Art Nouveau style, so much so that the company itself became associated with the artistic movement

3. The first ‘Liberty prints’ were printed all the way back in the 1920s!

The miniature floral, paisley and abstract prints we now know and love first came into being in the ’20s. The decision to import undyed fabrics and have them handprinted in England came about due to the increased demand for imported fabric

4. Liberty designs aren’t lost in history

With Liberty of London fabric, original archive designs aren’t forgotten – often, the beautiful, classic designs are re-used in new ranges.

5. There’s no ‘wrong way’ to use your Liberty prints

From the craft room to the catwalk, Liberty of London fabric fits just about anywhere. Not only are these pretty prints perfect for dressmaking, quilting and everything inbetween, but their high quality means there’s no need to pre-wash (hallelujah).

What to Make with your Liberty of London Fabric

Little Lady Liberty - Liberty print fabric

new craft books - Little Lady LibertyThe delicate florals suit a range of projects. If there’s a special little girl in your life (or you still feel like one), then I recommend the projects inside Little Lady Liberty – giant floor cushions, beautiful bedding, dolls, purses, and so much more. What’s not to love?

You can get your hands on a copy of Little Lady Liberty via our store.

Here’s the book

And here’s the eBook.

If it’s grown-up goodies you’re after, then here’s some ultra-new, ultra-exciting eye candy for you.

Alice Caroline Liberty kits

















Above you can see the stunning new Liberty kits we have available, designed by the ultimate Liberty expert – Alice Garrett. The Evening Star Cushion (top left) is my personal favourite, but there’s also a gorgeous make-up bag and coin purse combo, a patchwork pillow and (for the quilters and creative types) packs of pre-cut hexagons and squares.

You can see all the Alice Caroline Liberty kits here.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the heritage of Liberty of London fabric! If you want to start your own Liberty project, then take inspiration from out favourite sewing bloggers – all this month the Little Lady Liberty blog hop will be supplying you with Liberty inspiration, projects and giveaways.



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