Learn to Knit Like A Latvian

If ever there was a book title to grab your attention, Knit Like a Latvian is it!

If you don’t know what knitting like a Latvian entails, you’ll soon get an idea by flicking through the gorgeous imagery in the book. Mittens play an important role in Latvia’s culture and history. For several centuries they were the most common type of gift in the country, and are thought by some to have magical qualities.

Knit Like A Latvian

Knit Like A Latvian is written by Hobbywool owner Ieva Ozolina. She has created an impressive collection of 50 patterns for traditional Latvian mittens, fingerless gloves and wrist warmers which can be made by knitters of all abilities. The patterns include traditional Latvian design motifs and the text refers to some of the folk traditions surrounding knitted mittens in Latvia, for example, if you include the sun or ‘saule’ motif it is thought that the gloves will offer extra warmth to the wearer.

Knit Like A Latvian

The book features a really handy basic mitten recipe which all of the mittens in the book follow. The basic recipe consists of a cuff, stem, palm, thumb and shaping section. When you follow this recipe alongside the colour chart of your chosen mitten your end result will be a gorgeous pair of Latvian mittens.

There is a really useful chart on knitting symbols in the back of the book which you will need to familiarise yourself with before undertaking one of the mittens. There are detailed instructions on how to work each part of the basic mitten recipe. Once you have mastered one of these, you’ll be wizzing your way through the other 49 patterns!

Knit Like A Latvian

You can pre-order your copy of Knit Like a Latvian now and you will get a copy of the eBook for free. Share your WIPs and finished projects on social using #KnitLikeALatvian

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