Laura’s Story

laura's storyLaura tells us how sewing helped her cope with bipolar.

I have bipolar disorder and crafting especially sewing has gotten me through long nights when I can’t sleep, and my mind is racing and the sleeping tablets haven’t worked. And when I am really low, motivation goes through the window. It’s not easy but I know that if I pick up one of my many projects and only sew even a few stitches, I will feel a little better because I have done something with my day.

Sometimes it’s the small things that help the most. For me, my illness makes it hard to socialise and sometimes it can be very lonely. One thing I love to see though is the pictures I see on Facebook, from sewing groups when another member shows pictures of their achievements. I love it when new patterns and projects are shown on here because sometimes that little spark of excitement of finding a new project just makes me feel a little lighter, and even makes me brave enough to open the door to the postman for my new parcel of goodies.

If you suffer from bipolar disorder and would like some information on treatments and useful contacts, visit the Mind website here.

Visit our Cross Stitch to Calm page to view our exclusive range in aid of Mind.

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